ADMA BioCenters receives FDA approval for third plasma collection center

|About: ADMA Biologics Inc (ADMA)|By:, SA News Editor

ADMA Biologics (NASDAQ:ADMA) announces that the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, ADMA BioCenters, has received FDA approval for its third plasma collection center, located at 166 Ernest W Barrett Parkway, NW, Marietta, Georgia.

The facility is now FDA licensed to collect and enter into interstate commerce to sell and use the human source plasma for further manufacturing in the U.S.

Additionally, ADMA BioCenters has received FDA approval for a license supplement to collect whole blood from donors with a rare blood type to produce source plasma that contains high levels of Anti-D antibodies which is the basis for producing Rhoₒ (NYSE:D) Immune Globulin (Anti-D Ig).

ADMA shares are up 4% premarket.

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