NASA audit says Boeing rocket over budget, could further delay launch

|About: The Boeing Company (BA)|By:, SA News Editor

Boeing's (NYSE:BA) “poor performance” in building the Space Launch System rocket for NASA has resulted in an $8.9B price tag that is double the initial budget and could further delay the launch, according to an audit by NASA's Inspector General.

“Management, technical and infrastructure issues driven by Boeing’s poor performance” have led to delays and cost overruns, raising questions about the future launch timetable, the space agency's watchdog office says.

The first test launch of the rocket that is supposed to send humans to the moon and ultimately allow deep space exploration has been delayed at least three times, and most recently was scheduled for mid-2020 with a crew launch to follow in 2022.

Delivery of the program’s first core stage already has slipped two-and-a-half years to December 2019, the audit says, blaming insufficient staffing and improper assembly of factory tools for the delays.

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