SpaceX investors bore in

|About: SpaceX (SPACE)|By:, SA News Editor

A group of longtime investors in SpaceX (SPACE) that includes Peter Thiel are questioning the use of the company's employees and resources for Elon Musk's Boring company project in Hawthorne, California, sources tell The Wall Street Journal.

The report come against a backdrop of Musk and few other investors owning more than 90% of the equity in Boring. Also, years ago, Musk borrowed about $20M from SpaceX to help keep Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) rolling along and more recently (2015-2016) SpaceX purchased more than $250M worth of bonds from Tesla-owned SolarCity.

Thiel has a long history of saying positive things about Elon Musk dating back to the PayPal days.

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