Anixa Biosciences completes Pre-Sub meeting with FDA for Cchek cancer diagnostic test

|About: Anixa Biosciences, Inc. (ANIX)|By:, SA News Editor

Anixa Biosciences (NASDAQ:ANIX) has completed a Pre-Submission (Pre-Sub) meeting with the FDA on December 17.

The meeting was focused on discussing Anixa's Cchek test, an artificial intelligence based liquid biopsy for the early detection of cancer.

Anixa Biosciences expects the official minutes of the Pre-Sub meeting to be available in January.  On January 24, 2019 Anixa plans to hold a conference call where it will discuss the commercialization path and timeline for Cchek-Prostate, as well as an update on its CAR-T therapeutics program.

Shares are up 2% premarket.

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