Intel unveils Cascade Lake processors

|About: Intel Corporation (INTC)|By:, SA News Editor

Intel's (INTC -0.3%) data-centric event today unveils some new products:

Cascade Lake: Second-generation Xeon Scalable processors (formerly known as Cascade Lake) led by the flagship Xeon Platinum 9200 with as many as 56 cores or 112 cores for a two-chip system, Optane DC persistent memory, and Deep Learning Boost. Intel says the 9200 offers 1.33x the average performance of the previous generation. Find more specs here.

Intel controls about 95% of the server processor market but expects to lose some share this year as manufacturing delays have opened a path for rival AMD (AMD +0.7%).

FPGAs: The Agilex family of field-programmable gate arrays or FPGAs. The collection of embedded chipsets built on Intel's 10nm technology will debut in Q3.

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