Intelsat +3.9% as senators urge quick deployment of mid-band spectrum

|About: Intelsat S.A. (I)|By:, SA News Editor

Intelsat (NYSE:I) legged up to a 3.9% gain after a pair of key senators urged a speedy resolution at the FCC for deployment of 5G spectrum, particularly through mid-band deployment championed by Intelsat's C-Band Alliance.

That group includes SES (SGBAF +0.3%) and Intel (INTC -3%).

"As the Commission has noted, mid-band spectrum offers favorable signal range and indoor penetration combined with increased capacity that comes from frequency reuse; this makes mid-band spectrum particularly important for the initial deployment of 5G," write Sen. Roger Wicker (chairman of Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation) and Sen. John Thune (chairman of the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet).

Congress had directed the FCC to evaluate commercial use of C-band spectrum, and "In the year since passage of that law, the need for action has become even more acute ... we urge the Commission to act quickly to make spectrum in the 3.7 GHz to 4.2 GHz band available for 5G.”

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