CME total open interest hits record

|About: CME Group Inc. (CME)|By:, SA News Editor

CME Group (CME -0.6%) says total open interest reached 138,185,284 contracts May 14, 2019, topping the previous record of 138,041,727 contracts set on March 15, 2018.

Open interest, or the number of active positions market participants are holding without taking delivery or offsetting, is a measure that typically rises during times of market uncertainty.

Since the end of 2018 overall CME Group open interest has risen 20%.

Single-day OI records hit on May 14 includes: Long-term U.S. Treasury bond futures reached 1,256,482 contracts; ultra 10-year U.S. Treasury note futures reached 765,965 contracts; lean hog options reached 428,073 contracts; and NYMEX Brent crude oil futures rose to 234,216 contracts.

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