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Realty Income declares $0.2265 dividend

Jun. 12, 2019 5:32 AM ETRealty Income Corporation (O)By: SA Dividend Announcements, SA News Editor40 Comments

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Comments (40)

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babybuffet profile picture
If you guys think O's too high - sell puts to get in, you will make more than collecting the divs anyway - here's what I did.


The key here seems to be to follow the Relative Strength Index and try to buy when the current yield is around 4%.
The patterns that this company's share prices fluctuate within are worth following if a secure income investment with capital appreciation is your goal.
@dr.polaris What period are you using for your RSI?
I have a modest position but with a cost basis in the low 40s. I know it's unlikely we'll see those prices again but it would be nice to get the opportunity to add more sub-$65/ around a 4.2% yield.
I love O and thought I would never sell, but I am also facing the same dilemma as many of you. I am up about 40+%, and my current gains would be the equivalent of 10+ years worth of dividends. So I could sell now, take a nice profit, re-invest in something yielding 7+%, and wait for a pullback to go back to O. I do not see my portfolio without O for long periods of time, but if it reaches $75 it's going to be hard to justify not selling.
Did you buy it for the dividend or for a capital gain? I bought it for the long term and if it goes down $10, that just means the dividends will reinvest into more shares.
Do both. Sell a portion, reinvest and let the house money ride.
I'm up since $35

No selling, just collecting (nice business, collecting divi ;))
Did someone sell after some of the "experts" advise? Too bad for sellers.
Bruce Miller profile picture
If O follows its pattern from 2018, the $.2265 dividend will be paid July, Aug, Sept, then increased another $.0005 to $.227 for Oct, Nov and Dec. If so, this will reduce the dividend growth rate from 4.12% in 2018 to 3.0% for 2019.

InfoLit profile picture
Literally pointless.
dundey profile picture
Not pointless at all, the small steady increases add up.
O is s a "steady Eddie" stock through good markets and bad! You always get paid to wait! :-)
It may not be big but I'll take it! The most important thing is that "O" has NEVER decreased it's dividend even during hard times.
madhaus profile picture
smurf profile picture

No, No, No, DRIP when the stock is down, not at all time highs. Buy low, sell high.
Have to disagree. Drip ALL THE TIME. it all averages out. You can’t time the bottom or the top. You will probably wait too long and miss out. Been dripping since 2010 and slowly getting rich.
@win win Your doing the right thing, * DRIP ALL THE TIME * is how the snowball turns into a avalanche of cash, a win win.
Dividend Gremlin profile picture
Makes a few more cents to me. Money for nothing...
Jdavis4982 profile picture
I'll take it all the way to the bank. every little raise adds up. Ca-ching... Thank You O.
The Broke Investor profile picture
.0005, wow we’re rich
joeycool profile picture

Send it to me then.
Go buy Beyond Meat then.
Did some math. In since O has paid .1723 per month @ 38.75. Now I’m earning 7% based on the current dividend. Didn’t actually take a lifetime. My decision is hold. To sell is an unknown for me at this time. I could potentially invest in an issue which does not hold up well in a bearish market. If O goes down, I would buy some more.
Joerg OK profile picture
I follow the same approach.
Only as an alternative way of thinking: you could also take your 85% capital gain and invest into a higher current yield, which would earn you even more on your initial O investment (BPR with 7.2% current yield would give you >13% in your initial O investment)

Anyway, too complicated for me - I stick with my winners :-) long and happy O
Exactly .. also thanks for the reminder on BPR. Been considering. New money purchase
Jason Fieber profile picture
A little extra change in my pocket sounds good to me.
Sanjay John profile picture
It comes from the other pocket, stock will fall by div amount on ex div date.
Many investments in my portfolio would be worth zero using your logic, but for some reason they are not. Instead they are worth a lot more than I
Many investments in my portfolio would be worth zero using your logic, but for some reason they are not. Instead they are worth a lot more than the original cost was.
porky11 profile picture
Not the best yield but is anyone buying this stock at today’s price? I am enjoying my purchase in the high 40s.
Zsolt Rozgonyi profile picture
Same, but i am also thinking about selling it at this level. Decisions, decisions...
If no one was buying, the price wouldn't change.
mattm38 profile picture
with ya. tough decision for sure.

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