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Amazon launches beauty store for professionals

Jun. 24, 2019 10:57 AM ETAMZN, REVRQ, SBH, ULTABy: Clark Schultz, SA News Editor17 Comments
  • The beauty sector is thrown a curveball after Amazon (AMZN -0.4%) Business announces the launch of the Amazon Professional Beauty Store.
  • The e-commerce giant says the beauty concept for professionals will offer stylists, barbers and estheticians a convenient, custom shopping experience with great selection.
  • Some of the brands included are Wella Color Charm, RUSK, and OPI Professional.
  • Names to watch off the development include Sally Beauty Holdings (SBH -8.5%), Ulta Beauty (ULTA -3.8%) and Revlon (REV -3.2%).

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Comments (17)

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dxu8888 profile picture
Sally is struggling guys. Go easy on her.
Gary J is Rich on AMZN profile picture
I'm all about beauty.
Women always have $$ for cosmetics/beauty supplies even during recessions. A good business to be in!
ULTA oversold here although it was a little over-extended recently. Don't really see the big deal with this announcement as AMZN previously sold all the same products and fee shipping was available through prime before. AMZN doesn't provide the services. ULTA has a big moat. I'm buying ULTA on this pull back entry point - thank you!
It doesn't say it here, but other sources are attributing the 1.5% drop in CVS and 1.12% drop in WBA to this. Which to me, makes no sense. I highly doubt those beauty professionals are buying their stuff from CVS or WBA. Sooooo.....what's the deal, just any company that sells cosmetics gets punished? Seems legit. XD
The endgame is we all look like Bezos in a THX-1138 kind of way
Bezos, the disrupter, strikes again. Long AMZN. :-)
Me too. Many many yrs
dxu8888 profile picture
It's nice being able to disrupt companies without having to pay taxes OR make a profit. God mode.
hyenah1 profile picture
The only thing Bezos "disrupts" is the hair on his ugly head. Jeff must be hurting for revenues, thus he's tying to muscle his way into beauty products of all things.

Just another example of an out of control monopolizing octopus which will fail in the end as all greedy entities eventually do.

The consumer is maxed out with respect to debt. Why do you think MasterCard and Visa rise in value every day? Amazon is so dependent on the mindless consumer (spending more than they earn) that the share price will plummet when the recession soon begins. AMZN shares are overdue for a free fall sooner than later!
Soon there will be Prime mobile hair salons pulling into your driveway for in demand. Don’t think so? There is currently a similar mobile wash and dry for household pets.
Own both. I can't get my hair cut, etc on Amazon. When I get my hair done at Ulta once a month, I buy all beauty supplies, soaps, etc. there. Not worried about Ulta. Loyalty program is excellent.
Robert.from.Ct profile picture
AMZN will take over the entire space


pathic knee jerk reaction
A Pragmatic Investor profile picture
Correct on your sarcasm !
However, this will lower margins in this space.

Another example why there is virtually no inflation, there is always room for
price improvement. That is why tariff threats are forcing distributors to shop for
a lower priced country for their imports. Which in turn keeps a lid on consumer prices.
amazon will be the first to fall when the great people of usa will default on their credit cards
Ryan Zentko profile picture
Niche offering, licensed professionals only. Ulta selloff is overdone. Valuation is slightly stretched though, so I suppose it all evens out.
Another tentacle. Next tentacle will be selling products in the salons.
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