SIGA awarded $19.5M contract for development of TPOXX

|About: SIGA Technologies, Inc. (SIGA)|By:, SA News Editor

SIGA Technologies (SIGA) has been awarded a multi-year contract from the United States Department of Defense to support work necessary to gain a potential label expansion for TPOXX (tecovirimat) that would include Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) of smallpox.

The contract is valued at up to $19.5M, with an initial award of $12.4M.

The initial funding will support manufacturing material for clinical trials, initial preparation for a human clinical safety study, and assembling regulatory filings.

TPOXX, also known as tecovirimat and ST-246, an orally administered and IV formulation antiviral drug is used for the treatment of human smallpox disease caused by variola virus. 

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