Trump to reboot U.S. kidney care via executive order

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President Trump is scheduled to sign an executive order this morning aimed at shaking up U.S. care for kidney disease, including new incentives to shift dialysis from clinics to the home. Key points:

Change in Medicare payments to incentivize doctors and clinics to help kidney patients stave off end-stage disease by ~six months.

A bonus to kidney specialists who help prepare patients for early transplant, including steps that can begin before dialysis is required.

Additional Medicare payments that enable dialysis service providers to earn as much from in-home service compared to clinics.

Goal of 80% of newly diagnosed kidney failure patients to receive in-home dialysis or early transplant by 2025 (compared to ~14% today).

Allowing reimbursement for lost wages and other expenses for living donors.

Clearer ways to measure how well the 58 U.S. organ procurement organizations collect donations from deceased donors.

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Update: The President signed the order after his speech.

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