FDA OKs Zimmer device for kids with scoliosis

|About: Zimmer Biomet Holdings... (ZBH)|By:, SA News Editor

The FDA approves Zimmer Biomet Holdings' (ZBH +1.3%) Tether - Vertebral Body Tethering System for the treatment of idiopathic (unknown cause) scoliosis (sideways curvature of the spine) in children and adolescents who have not responded to conservative treatment like external bracing.

The Tether features anchors and vertebral body screws that are placed into the same side of each vertebra in the curved section of the spine through an incision in the side of chest. A flexible cord (tether) is connected to the screws then tension is applied to compress one side of the spine to partially correct the curve. Over time, the tethered side grows more slowly than the non-tethered side, correcting the curvature.

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