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China wooing U.S. and foreign companies as trade war pressures economy

Oct. 27, 2019 6:12 PM ETBy: Douglas W. House, SA News Editor29 Comments
  • Realizing, at last, that foreign investment is essential to its economic health, China has stepped up its charm offensive to attract U.S. and foreign companies in an attempt to dampen the debilitating effects of the trade war with the Trump administration.
  • At a recent meeting with Western executives, Premier Li Keqiang stated, with apparent enthusiasm, that global manufacturing enterprises are welcome to seize opportunities as China opens up further.
  • Beijing's revamped industrial policy, "Made in China 2025," is expected to offer greater market access for foreign firms. Vice Premier Liu He is the chief trade negotiator. Unsurprisingly, the Trump administration has criticized the plan citing heavy government subsidies and forced technology transfers from Western companies.
  • At a recent visit to a Samsung semiconductor plant in Xi'an, Mr. Li vowed that China would treat domestic and foreign companies equally.
  • The government wants to show that it achieved President Xi Jinping's goal of doubling the size of China's economy between 2010 and 2020, a target requiring at least 6% annual growth, the level in Q3. Authorities intend to boost infrastructure spending and institute growth-enhancing policies to build momentum.

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Comments (29)

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Djreef1966 profile picture
They need those new companies, so they can steal their technology.
The Chinese are used car salesmen.
Never forget that they are entrenched committed communists and all this happy talk about welcoming foreign companies is pure horse hockey. They will continue to subsidize their own companies and attempt to steal technology. Old zebras don't grow new stripes. Caveat emptor.
info018 profile picture
How many times has China made these promises...! I have spent 4 1/2 years in China trying to sell to foreign companies that Free Trade Zones were a way to penetrate the Chinese markets. All we found (in collaboration with AmCham and CanCham in Shanghai) was a resistance to change and a two faced approach when it came to that. Not serious all of that hence the Trump's approach towards China. Can't blame him. This has been going on far too long. f
let's call it Alibaba
sounds good for Baba.
Wasn't Baba just taken over by the CCP, lol?
Teutonic Knight profile picture
Hong Kong people must now recognize China will be forever and evermore a Communist Country and Hong Kong SAR as part of China has to be increasingly adaptable to Communism

There is no other way. If you don't like it go to the ice packs in Canada where there is NO Work

250,000 had to come back with the Canadian passports
Forever? That's what many said about the Soviet Union...
Teutonic Knight profile picture
@Hubert Biagi

The last Dynasty the Qing lasted from 1644-1912. Previous Dynsstieis as the Ming, Sung, Tang, and Han all lasted an average of 300 years.

The Red Dynasty will be NO Exception
Why Canada and not cali? There's not enough Chinese stir fry there? At least not good quality ones.
brad_l profile picture
China is damaged goods and all the wooing in the world won't change that. Unfortunately, China is run by a dictator who's human rights violations could fill this entire site up. China is truly a menace to the free world. I spent five years in that surveillance state they call China, and have no desire to ever go back. At least not until Xi Jin Pooh is gone.
Anyone who thinks any of the Commie Countries wanted Trump, over Hillary needs brushing up on their Political Science!!!
What do you call the president’s policy of taxing citizens through tariffs to redistribute to farmers
Call it smart sheep bagging.
Better than taxing citizens and redistributing them to isis
Trump, as I have stated here in past, is the best POTUS since Lincoln!
Teutonic Knight profile picture
2x better than Lincoln hands down win
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