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PG&E continues power shutoffs during windy weather

Oct. 27, 2019 6:45 PM ETPCGBy: Douglas W. House, SA News Editor29 Comments
  • Aimed at minimizing the risk of fires sparked from its aging equipment, Pacific Gas & Electric says that it has begun "de-energization" of its electric lines as part of its Public Safety Power Shutoff. The move will impact ~940K customers in 38 California counties.
  • Many of those affected, will no doubt, be supportive of Governor Newsom's suggestion that Berkshire Hathaway make a bid for the troubled utility.

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Comments (29)

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Chimpanzee ate my face profile picture
Why can't Mexifornia use the heat and energy released by the fire to provide power to the people? That would be a natural, renewable source of energy.
Chimpanzee ate my face profile picture
If Buffet buys into PG&E then we will know he is senile.
flufferty the gigabot profile picture
He did state that after he's shuffled off this mortal coil his family should just place all their wealth in PG&E.

These sort of stock pumps only work once :-
strong buy here after gap down, Warren buffet opened position
Me XMan profile picture
The Oracle will buy in BK IMO.
flufferty the gigabot profile picture
If only Hopium was a viable energy resource.
Gov. Slickback is merely engaging in wishful thinking to get this PAST unfortunate situation.

Berkshire-Hathaway already owns several utilities in western states, but only a fool would buy this weak bloated turkey!
7th largest economy in the world but can’t get electricity because of some wind. Are you sure california isn’t a 3rd world country?
Ron Burgundy’s Hair profile picture
CA progressives are getting an early exposure to the new green raw deal implementation effects.
please, Berkshire will never buy PG&E, they buy value companies, not companies with lot af liabilities, and if they decide to buy it, the current share holders will be probably diluted to a minority. This is probably propaganda to push the share price. I like the stock, but I think it still have a way to go down.
Would a Berkshire Hathaway purchase be good or bad for current stock holders?
Bad. The state of California might sue Berkshire and bankrupt them.
Me XMan profile picture
Yeah they will pick up for cheap in BK.
bad... the state will not allow a utility to run profitably there.
Wonder why the equipment is so old?
Possibly because getting permits to upgrade it is near impossible in CA. Or because the state wont let them raise rates enough to cover the cost to upgrade it.
flufferty the gigabot profile picture
Steampunk inspired nostalgia.
2 much QE profile picture
Count how many times Newsom wipes his nose after 2008. In 2007 he said he had an alcohol problem when it was cocaine. He was an addict, once an addict always an addict. His personal drivers even knew his was an addict. Recall him please!
flufferty the gigabot profile picture
He's showing signs of shameful OPM addiction today, sad.
Should sell itself to the State of California
Could you imagine? What a circus that state is.
2 much QE profile picture
And the ring leader is Slickback Newsom.
2 much QE profile picture
Newsom is tied with the Getty’s and Pelosi who have all the campaign funding to back him. People need to see through this!!! Recall him:
2 much QE profile picture
And Slickback Governor does nothing but point fingers to blame and is not taking leadership because he’s a politician who is counting on California to be a political stepping stone for his destiny to be president. He’s a shameful ‘leader’ and doesn’t try to solve problems but point fingers to scape goat blame. Recall this fool:
Jack D Stocks profile picture
He was distracted after the 2018 wild fires, focused on banning plastic straws.
Possibly Warren would be interested in preferred bonds, if the rate is good enough.
User 16760062 profile picture
Warren doesn’t invest in third world countries.
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