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Brexit deadline extended to January 31st

Oct. 28, 2019 5:52 AM ETBy: Mohit Manghnani, SA News Editor25 Comments
  • The EU has agreed to extend Brexit deadline until January 31, 2020, reports BBC.
  • In a tweet, EU Council President Donald Tusk said that the bloc would allow a "flextension" - which means the U.K. could leave before the deadline if a deal is approved by the Parliament.

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Comments (25)

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Cash Cows Investor profile picture
Brexit brextension brullshit is brecoming brexhausting !
Dividend Seeker profile picture
At least this extension is more than just a few days so we don't need to revisit this next week
Flexit! Too funny.
Look if Boris can get Parliament to ok his deal this week, they can just go, right.
Rand Walker profile picture
Is Halford's stock listed? Brits should be buying yellow jackets.
Where do you buy pitchforks?
Be decisive there are a lot of dead squirrels in the road.
Michael Bryant profile picture
I hope this is the last extension. Why can’t parliament agree on something?
lutherhgillis_pi profile picture
If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that Parliament got replaced with the US Congress for Brexit. The amount of progress seems about the same as if Congress were in charge of this effort.
hey, at least they sound like real mp's, many congresspeople sound like a bunch of hillbillies.
If progress is going forward, what does congress mean?
Bruce Ward profile picture
Isn't that a Gallagher joke from the 80s?

Still true, still funny (yet simultaneously sad for our country)
Leaving the EU is just as hard as leaving the Soviet Union
DataDoily profile picture
Thank God that there are sensible nations in Europe who pay their dues without whining and without having the privilege of being an EU member. The Brits simply have run out of money. This shying away hurts European stock markets and has ridiculed a once respected great nation.
Mr George Stobbart profile picture
The EU is worse than a Soviet prison. The EU radical extremists are trying to keep the UK into this prison forever.
look how stuipid some people are
and after those the British, not having advanced in any direction, will ask for more extensions
then they'll have more general elections for new governments and PMs, but not on brexit itself.
I can imagine if back in my school days I could have had a 3 month extension on a term paper and then been told, “but you will be given permission to turn the paper in ‘early’ without penalty,” that I would have felt like a big kid on the outside but on the inside would have probably felt slightly irresponsible.
They just keep kicking the can down the damn road. Brexit is never going to end. The EU needs to take a stand and just say NO. Force a hard Brexit if the Brits can't make up their mind.
But that exactly what the Brits want. The ability to point the finger at someone else and complain about it over tea for the next 50 years.
SKali profile picture
how about all other countries leave EU, make their own thing and then just do not let the Brits join? Sounds easier
DataDoily profile picture
kreig303 profile picture
newsthump already did this
"Brexit deadline extended to 31 January, 2027"

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