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Stocks turn cautious ahead of big week

Dec. 09, 2019 5:26 AM ETBy: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor19 Comments
  • U.S. stock index futures are suggesting a pause from Friday's job-fueled rally, currently lower by 0.1%, as investors prepare for a series of major event risks later this week.
  • Brexit is on watch ahead of a U.K. general election, a tariff deadline looms with China, while the Fed and ECB will hold their final policy meetings of the year.
  • House Democrats could also vote on articles of impeachment against President Trump, while economic reports include updates on producer/consumer prices and retail sales.

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Comments (19)

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Did trump defenders ever testify under oath.....?

Funny how trump defenders always talk, and imply things but never testify under oath....NO FACTS to back it their bull$hit...?
Bloomberg will bury trump with the most votes and the most electoral college wins !
Impeachment is not going anywhere and is a total non-event except for democrats who want to make drama. They won't even send it to the senate because they know it would be a total disaster if republicans could call witnesses.
Facts!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!
Sell sell sell world is ending doom and gloom every where. Utter destruction I say. Please, sell the ones I want to buy.
The US economy doesn't care who is president. Only amateur market investors care about that stuff. Our companies will continue to invest in their businesses and make money no matter who or what.
hawkrnc_19 profile picture
SA Editors create a filter to weed out the vulgar types as well as the political trolls. Some
of these comments reflect poorly on what you get on SA. Stick to finance please.
It’s important to understand the political playground as it greatly affects finances and economic factors for investors. Only a fool would disregard this area. Say what you want but it must be talked about. Plus it exposes the real feelings of most people and shows how ignorant they are
Free Speech bro
Vulgarity, maybe. Censorship of political views related to the headline? No thanks. Please be more tolerant of opposing viewpoints and stop being so sensitive. Adults need to learn how to get over speech that hurts their feelings.
Long in Biotech profile picture
Plus it’s all Bull Shift, Congress is trying to keep Trump from exposing them sending my money to other countries and then funneling it back to their family members! This is what is really happening, open your eyes!!!!
you omitted Prez Cheney, one end of the funnel from the untraceable $67 million (loss?) at DHS & his likely share of no bid contracts awarded to Halliburton for "national security" contracts. My 2 cents.
Yeah it’s kinda like the Monica Lewinsky distraction for Bill Clinton. When the economy is rolling, don’t mess the president
I always said that.
Is impeachment really a thing? Pretty sure the Republican senators will not take any action against Trump.
AgainstTheDollar profile picture
Of course it's not a thing, the US doesn't have a rule of law anymore.

The democrats are/were largely accepting bribes to look the other way and the republicans flat-out support war criminals and ARE the people who give out bribes to not go to prison their self.
JustAskin' profile picture
Yes it's a thing.. a soap opera. There will be (and has been) buying opportunities "as the world turns". And the self-serving washington swamp creatures are coming into the light where they melt away! It's all good, unless they really find Trump did something illegal - but why would he - he's not desperate like so many politicians.
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