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Samsung confirms coronavirus case at phone factory

  • Samsung Electronics (OTC:SSNLF), the world's top smartphone maker, has confirmed a coronavirus case at its complex in Gumi, South Korea, causing a shutdown of the entire facility until tomorrow.
  • The plant accounts for a small portion of the company's total smartphone production, making mostly high-end devices for the domestic market.
  • It comes as South Korea put the country on "red alert" due to the rapid rise in new coronavirus cases, which have more than doubled to 433.

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Comments (18)

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Latest update: South Korea reports more than 800 infected people from Coronavirus:

itschrisolson profile picture
Same thing over a Hynix. Great news for MU.
Ol' Hickory profile picture
One must think that North Korea is also experiencing a serious outbreak.

China is their largest trading partner. Trucks go back and forth between the countries all day long. Being sandwiched between China and South Korea puts North Korea in a real pinch.

Lil' Kim will never disclose the truth, of course.
probably best positioned to "contain" the infection....
Random Logic profile picture
The case at Gumi bears looking into.
What a shame...The Power of Cult & Corona Virus... So weird.
"More than half of South Korea's novel coronavirus cases are linked to a branch of a controversial religious group in the southern city of Daegu.
At least 231 of the country's 433 confirmed cases are associated with the Shincheonji religious group, according to South Korea's Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (KCDC)."
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We strongly suggest that investors remain very cautious regarding Coronavirus because they have downplayed it so far.

A new report suggests those with Coronavirus might relapse, as shown below:




According also to the articles above, it appears that scientists are still months away from reaching a vaccine to keep people cured.
bubbleking profile picture
relapse is different than catching it a second time. They're conflating the terms.
puddnhead profile picture
"We?" Is there more than one person posting with this SA account?
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The Italian, the Iranian and the South Korean economies will most likely take a hit, based on the latest Coronavirus updates below:

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Jason Cawley profile picture
Folks, if it's out in all those places at once, it's going everywhere before this is over.

Think old boy scout motto, not recent boy scout outcome...
That's too bad for the employee, Samsung and South Korea. My thoughts and prayers for all the inflicted poor souls on the planet. Corvid-19 seems to have breached some of our earlier containment barriers. Hopefully, companies like Gilead and others have the appropriate solutions. Obviously, our governments, companies and people in general, lack the science, fortitude and common sense to deal with this virus.
Footnote, I have been short China, since the beginning of the month (losing some paper money).
Life is grand, enjoy
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Absolutely, SelmaPete.
Our thoughts and prayers for all the inflicted poor souls on the planet.
And we really hope that the Coronavirus vaccine will be found soon.
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I think too much faith is placed on developing a vaccine, people here who've been posting that have been way too complacent. But I don't really know, just a general observation based on a lifetime of how people think (I know someone that thinks climate change can be reversed by some future technology too, giant shade blankets in space & that type of crap, so it's not worth worrying about today). I hope you're optimism is well placed and my pessimism not. But I see no signs that a vaccine is imminent within a month or two, and IF this really goes global, it will be within that timeframe.

And anyway, there is one school of thought that the SAR-CoV-2 virus might be already mutating, particularly in the case of Iran localized cases (though that is still quite a leap, on too little information). That is what the "classic flu" does after all. But in any case the Iran situation does seem to suggest that containment efforts might have been coomed from the start, that outbreak can be traced back to January. Even if the good doctors in Wuhanhad not been ignored/silenced back in December, it would have already been very hard to contain.
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