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Cargill enters the meatless market

Feb. 24, 2020 2:45 AM ETBeyond Meat, Inc. (BYND), IMPF, TSN, NSRGYTSN, NSRGY, BYND, IMPFBy: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor19 Comments

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Comments (19)

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BoomslangBites profile picture
Aside from more beefier competition, the real issue for BYND is that Cargill is investing into the supply chain. They announced investments of $100 million in Puris, which supplies pea protein to BYND and others. If they keep doing that then they can start to strangle BYND or force them to find alternatives to meet their exorbitant sales projections to justify their valuation...
Wonder why pack of BB in my Costco is marked down from $19.99 CAD to $15.79 CAD on permanent basis?
For the same reason stores have permanent sales. You'll figure it out.
Wuffy profile picture
Big deal!!!
Cargill is like GM while Bynd is like Tsla. Dont @me
beyond has been building their brand for over 10y
This is the equivalent of saying Android enters the market. Goodbye Apple.
I will fight the Fed profile picture
Negative. This is equivalent of Apple entering market. Goodbye Blackberry.
It doesn’t all taste the same. I liked the Beyond patties. Tried the ground ‘beef’ ugh, and couldn’t eat a second bite. I tried 2 others from Safeway, couldn’t eat a single bite of either meal I made with the stuff.
Still buy Beyond’s patties to fry up for burgers.
Don’t own any stock and almost certainly never will. But I don’t know what to think about breaking into the market when reactions to the food product can be so visceral and off putting, if it’s not the product for a person.
I buy the patties every other week on avg. now so if you get it right you can really score.
@purrpullberra I have exactly the same experience.
alawal profile picture
BYND still has the name. It's not going away
I will fight the Fed profile picture
It's over Johnny. It's over.

Gbye BYND.
Henry Miles profile picture
What Cargill wants, Cargill gets.
Value Digger profile picture
The competition rises, which will impact negatively Conagra's (CAG) plant-based business too.
The competition is getting severe in the Fake Meat market. Only the fittest will survive in the long run.
I have always been bearish on BYND and have been advising a sell on it.
Soylent Green Is People you pirates

I say,"Yes"!
I stand with my friend @alnelson2004
who knows exactly what is going on here

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