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Walmart discusses 5G partnership with Verizon

Mar. 01, 2020 9:05 AM ETWalmart Inc. (WMT)WMT, VZBy: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor37 Comments
  • Walmart (NYSE:WMT) is looking to outfit its stores with antennas and other equipment to create next-generation networks, and is talking with Verizon (NYSE:VZ) about its 5G technology.
  • The plan would initially bring 5G wireless service to a pair of locations this year to power new Walmart digital health services the retailer aims to start offering to shoppers and employees, WSJ reports.
  • It would also provide faster wireless connections for other store operations and the surrounding community.

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Comments (37)

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Inseego ( INSG ) will be a huge part of this.
VZ undervalued as On Demand will rise as will 5G. Safe Dividend and way above Treasury.
Throw it against the wall and see what sticks.
tomatojuice profile picture
Why do you all want a dividend cut so bad? It’s not going to happen
Inventory management with scanners and sensors will benefit from the additional bandwidth. It also sets up Walmart to implement computer vision systems to perhaps compete with Amazon go stores. Just some thoughts
Dividend cut sooner than later, please!
NV_GARY profile picture
Digital health SERVICES sounds like tele-health with diagnostic equipment in-store , and consultations with a Dr. Cost savings over staffing the regular clinics.
Digital health services sounds like an alternative to health care.
Yet a far superior option to relying on the government controlled and subsidized insurance industry complex scheme for health care, amirite?
Two Commentators have mentioned the possibility of a div cut for VZ.I thought divvy was well covered? Looking to go long, but stock was acting sickly before Virus. Would appreciate an
"Explain" Thanks
CP, I haven't heard that and i do not believe it either.
southerndividend profile picture
could you leave a link to which articles said they would cut the dividend. The dividend is very well covered when people talk this kind of crap they usually have an agenda behind those statements. thanks
ronald61239 profile picture
If your look for a high flyer type stock, VZ, is not what you want. If U would be content with a Co. with moderate growth and a div. with steady growth VZ would be a good choice.
Long Verizion
Loptsson profile picture
This would be actually useful considering all the automation Walmart wants to do in the stores. 5G will definitely allow the systems we have in place already to work better too. So it will be a win for sure. I am just curious how long it will take to roll out to all the stores.
billrla profile picture
Any two people with mobile phones can engage in "digital health services." No press release required.
msumak profile picture
They are most likely working with inseego for the routers since Verizon works do closely with them
Moats and Income profile picture
Verizon needs to get into the content game - as an owner - as they are being left behind by Comcast and AT&T...

A transport-only company has a ceiling...which Verizon has hit
Only 2 locations. This is the tip of the iceberg for 5g uses. Carnovirus will wake up the need to speed up medical services.
Hope WMT doesn't get scammed with extra charges from VZ the way I was. They better check their bill MONTHLY...
We've been scammed by both T and VZ at different times.
tomatojuice profile picture
@G. Blair Bauer @Fearful greedy and broke
It's definitely a reason to be concerned that a company would try and pass that by customers. However, be lucky you are paying attention to your bills. I think companies like Verizon and T do this because there are probably sooo many people paying bills without looking them over in detail. I know I don't pay a bill unless I'm confident it is correct.
They won't, they'll read the rules and follow them as they aren't dumb
Verizon is a communications leader and with its huge dividend may bounce back faster than most stocks.
01 Mar. 2020
That’s if the dividend doesn’t get ✂️ which will probably happens sooner than later
Although that is always a shock for many investors, in the long term it is sometimes the best thing a company can do. If the size of the payout doesn't make sense in relation to the other financials and corporate goals, cut it.
Go Verizon
Ron Burgundy’s Hair profile picture
Any planned partnerships with burisma
No, but there's one with gazprom
useless what is the added value? wifi works just fine
bubbleking profile picture
if you like wasting time waiting for things to load
@ SuperRider It will probably help speed up the customer’s phones while in the store using the Walmart App. Long Walmart, Long Verizon
tomatojuice profile picture
Great time to buy into Walmart regardless of this news. 2nd most used app for shopping behind Amazon. They will only improve their operations and performance the next decade.
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