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Warner Bros. postpones 'Tenet' release to August

Jun. 26, 2020 3:10 AM ETAT&T Inc. (T)TBy: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor15 Comments
  • Following reports that suggested Disney may postpone the July 24 release of Mulan - the first movie from a major studio to hit theaters since the coronavirus pandemic - Warner Bros.' (NYSE:T) has postponed Tenet to Aug. 12.
  • It's the second time Warner has pushed the release date of Christopher Nolan's film due to COVID-19 concerns and film industry experts expect more movies to be postponed in the coming days.

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Comments (15)

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What the hell ever happened to "pay per view" which was supposed to bring a lot of good stuff to our home TV screens? The only thing I ever see advertised on PPV are boxing matches. Why can't we see the actual Hamilton stage play, live, on PPV? I've a smart TV and a sound system that can shake the house but I can't see REAL events. Am I missing something here?

My local movie theater used to offer some live events from the MET but I don't want to go there, especially now with the virus.

Pre-virus there were a lot of concerts held around the country but none of them were on PPV. Hopefully there are videos of these but I've not seen them advertised on HBO or Netflix. I don't know what's going on but I suspect there's just a lot of backroom deals about the money.
Ambient Insight profile picture
Why don’t they just release on HBO Max. You want to drive subscribers? That will do it!
@Ambient Insight Christopher Nolan is a theater guy, that’s not in the cards for his movies because it would alienate him.
nerd_rage profile picture
There are a few movies that can still make serious box office. Big crazy action movies with visual/visceral whizbang, and big brand names. Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Christopher Nolan. Also kids animation. It would be foolish to push those direct to streaming in lieu of theaters. Most movies, though, should go direct to theaters.

Access is another issue. I still can't get HBO Max on my Roku, and until I can, I won't bother with HBO Max at all. Frankly I probably won't ever watch Tenet no matter how easy is it for me to get it. But if it's not easy, forget it.
allday1234 profile picture
AS long at the covid-19 exists without a solution the movie theater as we know it will become a thing of the past. Even after there is a possible solution people will that the home theater will be more accommodating with the startling reduction in price on large TV screens 65 inches and above, the ability to stop the movie for bathroom breaks or to fix popcorn or other food stuff or drinks and maybe even unplanned interruptions. And you can start the entertainment at your convenience.
My concern is how will this affect the REITS that hold the rental of the Theaters such as "O", of which I am a holder of 742 shares
While we do not know for sure why the delays id distribution happen some of it may be due to seasonal responses to release dates.
I suppose this delay because it is $T will generate negative responses as to inept management, typical of $t to not respond quick enough to the TW acquisition and various other excuse to pound the company in an effort to drive down the share price to get it cheaper or because in the past they suffered a loss, yet refuse to be accountable. I suppose they could also be just NEGATIVE PEOPLE. Why worry about an investment in which you are not invested is the question of the day, and yet no real answer appears. I call it a serious mental illness and counseling may be a cure.

Basit Saliu profile picture
Great move. GO T!
Rascal22 profile picture
Studios won’t do this forever eventually they’ll give in and these date changes will turn into streaming date starts and by passing theatrical (or at best day and date). People are unknowingly being conditioned to not attending theatres and are becoming comfortable with the home theater experience. Theatres are open and very few have been brave to attend (though titles are re-releases) and I suspect there is a large audience that won’t be returning...regularly. It’s just sad to watch the business I made a career and living from for 35 yrs is slowly disappearing.
Basit Saliu profile picture
@Rascal22 WB and Universal are owned by telecom companies T and CMCSA which have massive broadband subs- 29 million and 15 million- that they can give their movies and TV shows to and get alot from data revenue. The likes of DIS can also go direct now through Disney+ and Sony through PlayStation. That leaves VIAC which have to rely heavily on theatres.
optomos profile picture
I would think at this point they would just release it to digital first then to theater.
@Rascal22 I think there could be some good to come out of this for theaters. Im hoping this will deter any slop of a movie from screening at theaters as it will go straight to VOD. But fans of cinema are dying to go back to the theater, so maybe more creative art films and blockbusters will remain.

It is a disservice to watch movies like Tenet at home...
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