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Bitcoin stocks march on as BlackRock looks for VP of blockchain

Dec. 28, 2020 10:42 AM ETRiot Platforms, Inc. (RIOT), GBTC, MARA, BITWRIOT, MARA, GBTC, BITWBy: Kim Khan, SA News Editor40 Comments
  • Bitcoin is easing today (BTCU-USD, -1.1%), around $27K after surging above $28K, but Bitcoin-related stocks are still adding to gains.
  • Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC, +12.3%), Riot Blockchain (RIOT, +24.1%), Marathon Patent (MARA, +21.6%) and Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund (BITW, +8.2%) are all rallying.
  • BlackRock

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Comments (40)

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Existential Accountant profile picture
When the USDT peg to BTC is broken, watch out below:


USDT, or Tether, the other side of BTC - the dark stablecoin no one talks about....but should:

Existential Accountant profile picture
Alert - Why is Grayscale still holding XRP - rut roh...


Everyone knows about the coming delistings/non tradeable XRP right?

Bobstert profile picture
@Existential Accountant That XRP Trust is a fund investors buy into, isn't it? Don't blame Grayscale if its XRP Trust investors are too out of lunch not to sell their units.
Bobstert profile picture
@Bobstert 'out to lunch' that is :)
Existential Accountant profile picture

IDK, I don't get why anyone would hold crypto in Grayscale or any similar wall street legacy vehicle anyway.
28 Dec. 2020
Argo Blockchain looks cheap
Mara has 3 employees.

Riot has 6 employees

Are they correct?

Unconventional Wisdom profile picture
regardless your thoughts on bitcoin, when blackrock decides to throw their weight behind crypto it's definitely bullish.
@Unconventional Wisdom Is looking for a VP of Blockchain “throwing their weight behind Crypto” ? Just wondering.
ThreeDayCondor profile picture
For Riot’s part, its website was down from early Monday through 1 pm Eastern...

Yeh — that’s a billion plus dollar market cap company fer’ sure...

This is a repeat of late 2017 — with a crash coming in the New Year... just like 2018.

Silly... silly... Robinhooders... sheesh.
Existential Accountant profile picture

Looks really juicy as a short, can hardly wait.
@ThreeDayCondor this is drastically different from 2017 as many ETFs have joined to invest in Bitcoins, and wider adoptions have occurred, and Democrats are more receptive of blockchain technologies.
ThreeDayCondor profile picture
@Etrff: we shall see. If the theory is institutions will help BTC avoid a sell off in early 2021, you should read up on the practice of fund “window dressings” — at quarter, and especially, year-ends.

Good luck!
jimbo162 profile picture
So Blackrock is advertising for this position, maybe Blyth Masters is available
Existential Accountant profile picture
"create and implement strategies designed to drive demand for the firm's offerings and enhance the value proposition to clients of the firm’s investments and technology offerings."

IOW, figure out what we are doing, 12 years after the whitepaper.

LOL, carrry on...
jimbo162 profile picture
@Existential Accountant maybe a better way to manipulate the game
Panther Fund profile picture
My company is looking for a VP of magic beans.

Please send your CV’s to ihaveimaginarymoneytosellyou@idiotsucker.com
@Panther Fund If you seriously think this way, you'll be shorting BTC I assume... ? Thought not.....
Panther Fund profile picture
@Scepisle hell no. I just think it’s equivalent to magic beans.

This is just opinion, that’s it.

Not buying it, not shorting it.
jimbo162 profile picture
@Panther Fund yet such a valuable contribution to the subject, thank you so much for giving us the input and effort....just my opinion
Naysayers say Bitcoin will go to zero, may be they are the same experts said about

TSLA before. I do not know that much abut Bitcoin or I have not seen one yet, but I know how to follow the guys know a lot of Bitcoin, so I follow them and make so money.

Look at BFCH, new bitcoin mining facility opening up soon in USA. Stock is cheep now...
Coalfan profile picture
@viperultimaevolution yes a whole 3 cents
@viperultimaevolution Problem is, is seems to have been 'opening soon' for a long time.
@davidbwade they are slow, but doing all the right steps like removing shares, building things themselves, I respect that. I am a long term share holder and can wait. I liked the price action today.
70K miners ,not 70
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