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Twitter to raise $1.25 billion through convertible note offering

Mar. 01, 2021 7:28 AM ETTwitter, Inc. (TWTR)TWTRBy: Brandy Betz, SA News Editor20 Comments
  • Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) intends a private offer with $1.25B aggregate principal amount of convertible senior notes due in 2026.
  • Initial purchasers of the notes will have a 13-day option to buy up to an additional $187.5M of notes to cover any over-allotments, if

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Comments (20)

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petergrt profile picture
So, after having shown about 7.5% annual growth for the past three
years, in-spite of getting hundreds of millions in free advertising
provided by the Trump Derangement Syndrome, the weirdo from San
Francisco is telling the analysts that he will double the revenue within
the next three years.How, by attempting to do what just about any online communication / streaming service is now doing . . . . .Well, I went short - naked short. Capitalized at over $300/user is nuts, at half the price.
Likely going to purchase BTC... :-)
@Chezterr Whale just bought $583 million worth of Bitcoin :)
Capt Jack Daniels profile picture
SPITTER is already restricting fair speak on anyone who doesn't tow the line concerning the scam demic and the phony vaccines.
Jack is fraud and now is borrowing more money to cover the cost of the 25% increase in cost to keep Twitter running. There is so much waste at Twitter starting at the top. The SEC needs to investigate this company to much of a conflict of interest. Over 400 inept engineer's its time to cut the fat and there's a lot of fat at Twitter.
CrowGlen profile picture
I think around five Twitter accounts in those numbers are mine. I refuse to give them my phone number so as soon as I offend some leftist loon, they suspend my account until I give a number... I just make a new account later if I feel like political debate (the only thing Twitter used to be useful for).

Twitter is a joke of a company and without Trump and without big tech destroying Parler, Hack Jack would he done for.
Justin Cool profile picture
Just sell Twitter. The company spreads hate
Andres Rueda profile picture
Give me cash, cash, cash... because the business keeps burning cash. Twitter should be a mature business by now, but it is still borrowing to pay the bills.
Jack going shopping
Capt Jack Daniels profile picture
@Sophos Jack is borrowing to be able to pay for the continuation of this fraud and fake some revenues.
Buy bitcoin
@Abajaji I lean “heavy yes” they will in fact buy BTC.
@Abajaji is this true? Filing only mentions hedge transactions??
Capt Jack Daniels profile picture
What a shock SPITTER is borrowing more billions to keep afloat the management stock ponzi scheme awarding.
Capt Jack Daniels profile picture
When you are not allowed to sell more bonds you do the note thing.
Borrowing to pay the bill's, because it's not profitable enough...
The stench of a pump and dump dilution scam..
Capt Jack Daniels profile picture
@Liberalies Stench of homeless CEO... who don't bathe.
Andres Rueda profile picture
@Capt Jack Daniels In San Francisco, Dorsey the homeless would blend right in.
@Capt Jack Daniels He should have stayed in Africa.
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