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House Democrats to push electric vehicle legislation

Mar. 08, 2021 11:50 AM ETWorkhorse Group Inc. (WKHS)F, GM, FCEL, PLUG, OSK, TSLA, WKHS, NKLA, HYLN, RIDEQ, GP, SPRU, FSRBy: Clark Schultz, SA News Editor491 Comments
  • A group of 17 U.S. House Democrats are introducing legislation as early as today that would award $6B to the U.S. Postal Service to buy tens of thousands of additional electric delivery vehicles.
  • The bill would require at least 75% of

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Comments (483)

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Value Kicker profile picture
Headlines should read: House democrats hand over tax payer money to their cronies in the EV industry and China
@Value Kicker so true. This whole EV climate is about politics and money...NOT climate! The naive are following like puppets.
Davewmart profile picture
@Tag Team Yeah, if you don't understand the rock solid science showing AGW, and imagine that it is not happening.
solucky profile picture

" Yeah, if you don't understand the rock solid science showing AGW "

AGW is proofed wrong the new theme is climate change...and thats 100% proof climate change will be right at any time.
So what is the cost of the electricity and where exactly are you going to get it from?
watchingfromabove profile picture

"So what is the cost of the electricity and where exactly are you going to get it from?"

It varies by location and generators/inverters. Next.
@watchingfromabove that a bs answer. Are you in the industry?
@Tag Team it’s really a wealth redistribution scheme. To take from the middle class, make them pay for it and underwrite it and give money to a lower class they are importing from around the world. And do it all while they hobble companies involved in natural resource production and consolidate power. They are modern day marxists.
looking forward to test driving the EV Mustang.
@RickyC Agree but can we also agree that it is not a Mustang?
AEGISBMD profile picture

They should have kept the body style (which made it a hit again - i.e., the 'Decepticon' police car in Transformers). It looks like an undersized SUV now). Ugly.
Invader from Earth profile picture
This article proposes that “investors” determine SP. Investors are weighing the value of Ford and GM’s conversion away from the ICE. Interesting.
Invader from Earth profile picture
$PLUG has not delivered any EV FCs yet. Just saying. This company has never had a GAAP profit.
Chancer profile picture
USPS should use golf carts and hire more carriers.

Lower cost for vehicles and more jobs.
@Chancer true, because they will need beer girls.
wanster profile picture
@Pope1973 Wow - up to 57 comments and you've ALREADY voted yourself in as Mister Censor of SA. Welcome aboard - Not >
@Pope1973 the issue is the government’s desire to pick winners and losers. That is why the discussion is negative by so many people. EV and all green industry can not stand without government corruption.
watchingfromabove profile picture
@Tag Team

"the issue is the government’s desire to pick winners and losers. That is why the discussion is negative by so many people. EV and all green industry can not stand without government corruption."

What government corruption? So far, the programs for subsidies for BEVs have been paid directly to the buyers (via tax reductions), not to the BEV producers.

The cap and trade programs for ZEVs was a Republican idea so that it didn't have to come out of the tax payer pocket.

Want to explain what you are actually talking about because we've hashed this out for about 8 years here and nobody that is a regular buys that nonsense.
Push that's what you do when they have rolling power outages in California or bad weather in Texas.
Chancer profile picture
Great timing for Pelosi as her husband bought $1 million of Tesla stock- insider trading that would send most people to jail is OK for politicians to get rich and they do.
@Chancer in fairness I believe he bought TSLA leaps. (Might be taking a beating on those, though). Must be having some good dinner conversations with the Mrs. I wonder what he’s buying and selling lately...
"A question for investors is how much of the EV legislation potential is already baked into some of the high valuations in the EV sector?"

For the sector as a whole, I'd say that about 300-500% is baked in (out of 100% that would be rational)
evjohn profile picture
Get ready. It’s coming. PV + ST + EV = free fuel for life and NO MORE ELECTRIC BILLS. more security against utility blackouts, ownership of something instead of paying for a service, inflation hedge, cleaner planter, and tax free savings. Win win win.
solucky profile picture

" PV + ST + EV = free fuel for life "

If you drive a few miles for a few days / year and live in a verry sunny place.

Myself would need a 8KWP system + 2 powerwalls = 35K for the car alone.....the fuel for 15-20 years.
John Alford profile picture
@solucky Even with a house nearly perfectly situated for solar-San Diego CA, roof centerline runs nearly due north/south, lots of surface area and a neighborhood we know everyone and most have solar so panels aren't an "eyesore", we'd spend 150% of our electrical bill in subsidized panel payments to charge my Ford Fusion Energi let alone a Tesla or full BEV battery. The Green New Deal folks infatuation with EVs is both NIMBY-ism with plants and solar arrays/wind farms somewhere else and picking winners that happen to be their donors and friends.
@solucky I think Musk has been clear that Small banks of solar cells wont power the car - there isn't enough Wattage potential in a square meter to do that... I think the best mix is EV plays + natural gas / utilities.
The major push into electric vehicles will require an extreme upgrade to the power grid. If you want to invest in miners buy tsla f nio gm. If you would rather make a much smarter investment buy the people that sell the picks and shovels. ETN, ABB, Groupe schneider, ge, siemens, Etc. Generation, wire, substations, infrastructure,and distribution is where the money is to be made.
manaman profile picture
@wired4sales DITTO, good idea, "buy the people that sell the picks and shovels." and buy the companies that mine the minerals and create the materials needed to build EV batteries.

Components needed to make an EV battery: cobalt, nickel, graphite, copper, steel, aluminum and plastic sources.

"A lithium EV battery weighs about 1,000 pounds.
While there are dozens of variations, such a battery
typically contains about 25 pounds of lithium, 30
pounds of cobalt, 60 pounds of nickel, 110 pounds of
graphite, 90 pounds of copper, about 400 pounds of
steel, aluminum, and various plastic components.

In total then, acquiring just these five elements to
produce the 1,000-pound EV battery requires mining
about 90,000 pounds of ore. And this will require
digging and moving between 200,000 - 1,500,000 pounds
of earth. This totals a rough average of more
than 500,000 pounds of mineral ore per battery."

media4.manhattan-institute.org/... (page 7)
Solar Investing profile picture
@wired4sales "The major push into electric vehicles will require an extreme upgrade to the power grid"

Not true: There are several mitigating factors: 1) Solar increasingly is supplying offsets to EV consumption -- I do that myself with my Tesla M3. 2) EV's often charge at night when utilities often need to "shed" electricity. 3) The electric grid will evolve, as it always has, to meet different consumption patterns
watchingfromabove profile picture

"The major push into electric vehicles will require an extreme upgrade to the power grid."

According to the Electric Power institute, not for about 10 years.
smallbedbug profile picture
And pg&e will shut off power weekly due to winds, fire season.....
Dale Roberts profile picture
Long $BATT as per this kind of 'stuff'.

Don't fight that certain European Group that runs your/our counties.

Go with the flow. Pun intended.

Dale Roberts profile picture
@Dale Roberts Sorry make that run our "countries".

Though they do run your county too, :)

Gordon Z profile picture
Taxpayers subsidizing unprofitable and unproven technology.
@Gordon Z you've been and still do subsidize oil so what the hell.
@Gordon Z It is proven. In northern Michigan there are more and more wind farms producing electricity for the towns up there. It is coming and there is no stopping it.
@Gordon Z You think electricity is unproven technology?
Davewmart profile picture
Over the years posting here I have been a tad sceptical about long range BEVs.

But that is for private motorists, where the return in reduced pollution and GHG minimisation is lousy compared to a hybrid considering the immense amounts chucked at them in subsidies and freeby tax breaks for the well to do.

That is all a very different matter to delivery services, where the nature of their stop start routes and consistently high mileages mean that taking an ICE off the road yields large benefits in air quality, aside from GHG etc.

So IMO this looks like good value for money, and is a good application of the technology.

Fuel cells would be good for longer routes, and are even cleaner, as they have to purify the air to supply the fuel cell, so that they leave it cleaner than before they passed by, whilst BEVs still create tire and some brake dust, and road dust.
@Davewmart A friend of mine drove a Prius on his rural mail route and got over 75 miles to a gallon due to the start/stop nature of carrying mail. He needed to refuel once every two weeks on a 60 mile route, not bad. I think hybrids are the way to go for now, for delivery drivers, with a switch to full electric as the technology improves. Politicians should stay out of it and let the market work.
@grahlfsgp The problem is that organizations like USPS are buying for the a long use time frame than Mr JQ Public so 'interim buying just won't work.
So who is building all of the infrastructure to support these vehicles? Does the US have a new nuclear program that we are not being told about? My guess is that the USPS mail delivery will be much, much more expensive and much slower as postal workers are idled waiting for their turn at the plug. Nancy Pelosi and other corrupt politicians will have made their fortunes and left before this gets very far. Anyone remember the Solyndra scandal? Wonder who was behind that fantastic deal? Oh yea. . .
Although I don't mind the idea of electric buses for instance, but calling them emission free, or zero emission is a fallacy. They use energy, and that energy came from somewhere, it could be coal, nat gas, oil, heck even solar, and wind has a carbon footprint. In the end it is about the headline, and virtue signaling to people(voters) that don't know any better.
evjohn profile picture
@ActivBoisson yet just another myth that EV v are more dirt than an ICE. you may want to get your head out of the sane and look
Around. Renewables are the least expensive form of new power generation period. The Fred gets greener EVERY dat as utilities and home owners install more and more renewables. Look around. You see more and more wind farms and solar farms and on site solar. Tesla has sold more than 100,000 Powerwalls. We are just getting going. Now that Trump is gone who was anti renewables we are finally moving forward towards a much cleaner energy future. zero emissions is NOT a fallacy especially when your electricity come from a PV array on your roof or when the grids electricity is from renewables. Advantage renewables!!!
@evjohn What I said had nothing to do with cost. Nothing I said was wrong, or even remotely misleading. Electric vehicles use stored energy, that energy can come from many different sources, and yes solar, and wind have a carbon footprint..... meaning it is not zero emission, or emission free.

You may want to get your head checked, as you are coming off as an insane person with your straw man attack of what I said. That being said, I think it looks good on you, so feel free to speak your mind any chance you get.
US Gasoline Stations will be OBSOLETE by 2040, as rising Oil ($70) / Gasoline prices provides the right incentive to move faster towards the fleet of Electric Vehicles (EVs) coming on the global markets this year and next year...!

Congress will pass EVs tax incentives for the coming EV manufacturing boom later this year and in 2022, just in time for the 2022 election.....

Open US Senate seats due to retiring GOP Senators in PA., OH., and MO.....and maybe KY (haha??)
Great. Make the rest of the US like the PRC (People's Republic of California). WD
How many new nuclear power plants will be built to charge 200 million electric vehicles?
evjohn profile picture
@Phil Dumfee answe: none. To expensive, to long to build, inherent issues like radioactive waste. And The more things change in the nuclear world the more they remain the same. The best nuclear power plant is the SUN. It is more reliable than any power plant that humans have built and will last millions of times longer. And the energy is delivered free of charge to you each and every day. All you need to do is build the equipment to harness all that energy. Problem solved.
@evjohn but it cannot be stored and it assumes the sun will be shining when you need it to shine. It is not reliable.

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