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Jeff Bezos to fly on first Blue Origin human test flight

Jun. 07, 2021 7:08 AM ETBlue Origin (BORGN), SPCEAMZN, BORGN, SPCEBy: Clark Schultz, SA News Editor90 Comments

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Cabin Goes On Show
Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images News via Getty Images

  • Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) Jeff Bezos announces on Instagram that he and his brother Mark will join the Blue Origin (BORGN) auction winner on New Shepard's first human flight

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Comments (90)

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vonnyg profile picture
That's a lotta dough for a suborbital view of the earth. Bon voyage all, safe return.
Gary J is Rich on AMZN profile picture

"That's a lotta dough" for you but not some others. /fixed
JosephCortes profile picture
I heard that Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson are tacking the Next Virgen Galatic Flight together.
Making it the very first Galactic Billionaire Party Flight.
Go figure, LOL...

- (cold joke)
blando3 profile picture
Jeff Bezos - as the richest and arguably one of the most powerful people on Earth - should be focusing on problems here, on our planet. Plastic packaging for one. His company is responsible for a massive amount of single use plastic packaging that will mostly end up in the ocean.

If he so chose, he could put in place policies that require every company in the Amazon supply chain to switch to paper/biodegradable packaging. It would be one of the most important and necessary steps needed to secure the future of our oceans, and he'd go down in history for doing the right thing.
Booban profile picture
@blando3 Actually he is more focused solving problems on this planet than Mars. But mostly you should blame your politicians.
Wez profile picture
"should be focusing on problems here, on our planet."

You can strive toward more than one thing at a time. Stop with the binary fallacies.
blando3 profile picture
@Booban Politicians are bound by the will of the voters and the influence of lobbyists. Bezos controls the way most of us buy our essential items like food and household products. He could implement changes just like that.

And what problems is fixing here?
We’ll learn soon they have been planning this for two years when Amazon Prime releases the documentary ‘Billionaires in Space’
rurichyet? profile picture
If you can have everything then you need nothing. Boring, why not try something else.
kthor profile picture
so who would be an ideal seat mates with him? Bill Gates, any of the Tramps? what is BetMGM odds of crashing/success?
I'm going to predict that the blue origin first human flight will end badly and Bezos will be no more. Just have a strange feeling about that
LT Capital Gains profile picture
@mikefornow Same here.
Good for him. Imagine if Bezos didn't want to go. Also imagine the stock should he be injured. Just posting out loud. I do not hold any Amazon stock unless. likely, some funds I hold do have Amazon shares.
sts66 profile picture
@SUE2 You don't get "injured" in a rocket launch and return - you either live or you don't.
@sts66 what if you break your finger on the ignition button, does that count?
craftbrewinfo profile picture
"Jeff Bezos to fly on first Blue Origin human test flight"
Well now we know why he named the successor lol
Wez profile picture
I love how a bunch of our richest people have Space Exploration goals, it's truly a blessing for those of us who think Exploring our Universe is and should be, our highest priority!
@Wez I agree that the exploration of the universe is a highly worthy endeavor. However, the rationale for accomplishing such exploration by sending humans into space continues to diminish with each passing year, as the capabilities and reliability of remote sensing, robotics, and information sciences continue to improve. We can explore the universe far more effectively at much lower cost and risk via unmanned missions. Unmanned missions are also a much better utilization of time: Consider the lengthy delays on subsequent missions following US space fatalities - the Apollo 1 fire, Challenger, Columbia.
Wez profile picture
@Davy Crockett

We can do both. We can't become a truly space faring species unless we go to space. Yes, we can explore much further with much less risk with robots and we should continue to do that, but we must also figure out how to move ourselves around our solar system and ultimately beyond.

I'm not thrilled by the thought of populating new Solar systems with robots carrying our DNA with them, although that may ultimately be one solution.
Gary J is Rich on AMZN profile picture
@Davy Crockett

Newsflash: This is private money. This is not taxpayer money. Big difference, especially to those that understand the difference. Difficult concept, for sure.
JosephCortes profile picture
SPCE will soon blow everyone away.
A quick NEW 52 week high is on its way!
I'm in at $14 :-)
JosephCortes profile picture
@MaxPower912 You must be very happy. But trust me... SPCE is just getting started.
Give him credit for putting his money where his mouth is. He is the first!
Gary J is Rich on AMZN profile picture
@Up and Away and vice versa, actually.
Wez profile picture
@Up and Away
"Give him credit for putting his azz where his mouth is."

Maybe he should spend more time trying to lift his crappy AMZN stock for the past year.
sts66 profile picture
For someone so smart he's being incredibly stupid - test pilots get paid to take enormous risks flying in new flight vehicles. You could offer me a billion dollars to be on that first flight and I'd refuse.
@sts66 You’re cray lol. For a billion dollars, your family would be set for generations to come. I’d take it in a heart beat.
Booban profile picture
@sts66 Its flown 15 times already.
@sts66 Different strokes for different folks. Some will say what they did with their lives. Others will say what they what they coulda, shoulda mighta done.
buckiowa profile picture
Can he take Zuckerberg & Dorsey with him? 4-3-2-1
Gary J is Rich on AMZN profile picture
@buckiowa who would be left on your envy list?
kthor profile picture
could/would ex wife get everything after it crashes?
@kthor I expect that is all covered. If, not imagine what will crawl out of the woodwork when they smell money.
You don't think his current wife would "get everything"?
Doctor E profile picture
Dangerous hobby he got himself there.
@Doctor E
eating bacon 3 times a week is more dangerous than this ride to altitude
sts66 profile picture
@MaxPower912 It's not the altitude that creates risk - it's the launch and landing - sometimes rockets go boom.
Ice_Kold profile picture
Not a fan of his business tactics and his extreme wealth, but I have to respect this move. That's a "man" (person) that stands behind his product. This takes courage to do, which I don't believe I would have myself.

Have a safe flight Jeff. Hopefully you get to experience something wonderful up there.
Reality show or livestream? Bezos ig going to monetize this puppy some how.
I've never wished a man dead, though I've smiled reading an obituary
Samuel Clemens or original? Great quote on any case.
@Johann Galt probably paraphrased and from Clemens. Quite apropos I felt
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