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AMC stock pops again as SEC watches volatility

Jun. 07, 2021 12:28 PM ETAMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC)BB, AMC, VTAK, BB:CABy: Kim Khan, SA News Editor85 Comments

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  • AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) +17% is rallying again on very heavy volume, while regulators say they are keeping an eye on certain stocks.
  • "SEC staff continues to monitor the market in light of the ongoing volatility

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Comments (85)

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AMCs daily volume is decreasing, usually a good way to predict a downtrend
Yes the SEC is watching. That’s all they know how to do.
PennyPlanSupporter profile picture
The Chief "Ape" is even saying that today's new longs are gonna lose half their money and Brood X couldn't care less.

That, my friends, is a true bubble.
@DeepValueLover the apes have a chief? That seems kind of antithetical to their movement, but it's not surprising they need someone to follow. It's basically a cult.
@DeepValueLover umh no no he didn't that's being twisted around. He was saying that would be the fair value of the company if it wasn't for the short interest and the potential for a squeeze.
PennyPlanSupporter profile picture
@jo312 one of the consistencies of these meme stocks is a Redditor who posts a thesis early on and then evangelizes the heck out of the stock. Then slowly momentum builds and once the mania starts in the name the "apes" watch closely what the first guy does for clues on how to continue.
What will be the point if we can’t force them to do the right thing?

At what price do we sell AMC?
@kingsley kessie what is the right thing? Shorting a company on death's door is the "right thing". They need to stop wasting capital. You can't force shorts to "cover". They don't have to. They will ride it to $0 and you'll be crying in your beer and blaming everyone but yourself.
@kingsley kessie Jesus do your DD
Well my DD is simple as this: Cover all the fake borrowed shares and I will exit my position
Racer-X profile picture
The SEC has received SOS signals from shorts. A transmission was intercepted below:


Taken from the clarion call of shorts in distress at BLACKBERRY (BB) today.

The SEC is not here to protect the retail investor. They work for the strongest lobbyists, and they are afraid. And rightly so! :)

They are only now getting concerned at fleecing operations? Where were they when YOU were being fleeced? Remember Trump lied to you and said the system was "rigged" and then did nothing to fix it.

What exactly are they upset about? Rising prices? Then they don't like buyers. It's not the buyers sending out the SOS signals.

You wanted a free market? So shall it be!
The SEC is here to protect the corrupt hedge fund short sellers....they care nothing about the small investor!
Another tidy gain of about 32K today, thank you!
@Tom Smithson did. you lock it in or just paper?
Denis III profile picture
@SilverBandit Obvious paper to brag and impress internet strangers.
Who Dat? profile picture
@Tom Smithson
Great! Easy money. That’s why I’m all for Biden’s 39.5% cap tax. 😆
Winnertakesall profile picture
Just another reason not to own the indexes.
I will continue to short this one. The situation here is different than GME. Management is willing to dilute and sell their own shares. Even the apes admit this stock has little value fundamentally, unlike GME which at least has the narrative of a Ryan Cohen turnaround. Mcap wise AMC has already traded above GME's peak valuation. Hard to see the stock doing multiples from here.

That being said, I don't expect to close this short for awhile. Keep size small or hedge out
@bri ri once again AMC can't issue any more shares!!!?? Stick to the Fing facts and stop spreading bs.
@bri ri AMC has more value that GME, bro.
xamd profile picture
aw whyd you tell him? If he is such a smart short seller he should have known this. But obviously he didnt, so he would have lost all. All posters are always saying "it will be a good lesson to them to lose their money" talking about those bidding up the price, and here is a short seller who has no clue. He should lose his money, it will teach him a good lesson.
Playing with fire
did not have to go to Las Vegas to gamble, just bought AMC stock last week
Think Long Term profile picture
Instead of watching volatility, the SEC needs to be forcing these crooked short hedge funds to buy back in all the naked short shares they sold naked calls on....that's what they should be doing...
@Think Long Term there are no naked shorts. If there were, you'd see "failed to deliver" in the millions every day.
ShermanMcCoy profile picture
@kenberthiaume you don't have to deliver under a TRS until it blows up in your face.
OlafurKG profile picture
Would have been nice to have been protected when market manipulation and misinformation kicked into overdrive back in March. Maybe keep an eye on inflated commodities and rather invest in ethical mining instead… let money flow to jobs and not just those milking supplies and supply chain adjustments. Also please tame the suits with access to privileged data & tools to arbitrage and manipulate with leveraged methods and control of the media. The coordinates FUD attacks with options expirations and “portfolio rotations”. I get this helped free up capital gains for taxation, but all the new investors who are getting started, not ready for short term capital gains and who many familiarizing themselves with options have been decimated! Literally the people who just beginning to realize growing wealth through investing, getting wiped out while the banks made perhaps the biggest killing ever! This was indeed a transfer of wealth from those just getting started to those who control the game. We will find out just how deregulated things became under the trump administration when the dust settles. There is I fear allot we are about to learn in the coming year.
Executives cashing in like crazy. They all know this is short-lived. The stupid “activists” are just making rich people richer and bag holder retailers poorer. Word to the wise sell now and don’t be a bag holder.
Everyone has cashed out. Institutions, management, and debt holders. At 98%, it's all retail. If they can't find a greater fool (at 300 mil shares a day...a lot of greater fools) there's going to be a mass exodus. Everyone trying to hit the door at the same time.
Yes and they think they are safe with their stop losses. Stop losses are no guarantee against a mass sell-off. You’ll be lucky your trade even gets through before you lose 50% or more.
@rkw29 Insiders are definitely jumping ship. They would be insane not to. I think as soon as the CEO starts selling, it's game over. I'm shocked he hasn't yet. He may miss his chance to secure his family's wealth for the next few centuries.
OverTheHorizon profile picture
Speaking of movies. . . IMAX CNK CNNWF trifecta with NCMI dark horse and DBOXF long shot of the decade.
SEC NEEDS TO WATCH HEDGE FUNDS USING DARK POOL. That is where they are manipulating $AMC at!
It's retail that's doing the manipulation. Hedge funds don't manipulate losses.
matttrakker profile picture
@webchow you mean like when the banks totally didn’t hide their housing crisis losses?
@webchow seriously 🙄 ok now you get a AMC to the moon 💎💎🙌🙌🚀🚀🌙🌙
FirstFIREWealth profile picture
If you're not adding a few so-called meme stock shares to your portfolio, you're wasting time and leaving money on the table! My very well-diversified portfolio has:

...that's why the entire portfolio is up +3.75%, killing the major stock indices.

A few dividend names as well:


... etc.

A few growth names:


The moral of the story? Stop fookin bashing those of us who invest in meme stocks without knowing our full strategy. Don't lump all millennials as being dumb as fuck! We're beating the "experts", laughing at their asses and making money, lots of it, at least I AM! I will NEVER get burned, as countless haters have been calling for for a very, very long time. Millionaire status this year!

OverTheHorizon profile picture
@Investing4FIRE Add EXPR for after burner.
@Investing4FIRE What price will you sell AMC at?
The SEC will do nothing.

Just stay away from AMC.....It just Gambling.

Shorting is crazy and so is buying.

AMC has a ton of paid pumpers on Youtube. Its nutty. Thats what the SEC should focus on but I'm sure they won't. I can't remember when I saw stocks pumped as hard as AMC.
Everyone taking advantage. They'll say anything you want to hear in search of clicks.
Kansas King profile picture

It's interesting to see a $25 billion market cap getting pumped. It was one thing when it was just GME with a $1 billion market cap but moving a $25 billion market cap at these levels is next level pumping. I still have a hard time believing it's just retail traders pushing any of these stocks on their own but I may be wrong.

I really wonder how long before r/WSB or offshoot of it just devolves into pumping micro caps. RMED merely gets a mention and is up 56% because they are only a $16 million market cap. I don't see any reason we won't see a flood of micro cap pumping with as many retail traders have moved onto trading platforms other than Robinhood that may actually allow it.
07 Jun. 2021
@Clark158f1 Why should the SEC focus on some twenty-somethings streaming to thousands while Cramer (and others) can pump out whatever he (or his employer / sponsors) wants to millions? Hyprocrites. CNBC even ran an ad (!) on twitter about Melvin having closed out short positions
mag1205 profile picture
Be careful shorting AMC, GME & BB

I got burned shorting GME

I agree. Don't short any of them. Let the Reddit traders have their fun BUT DON"T SHORT
Chris Lau profile picture
@mag1205 Visit WSB for the "loss p*o**rn". It's going to be epic. The forum used to have bears (2018) all of whom are now extinct.
For those too timid, smart, or not big enough to be bailed out by the Fed, to short, there is the allure put options. I "donated" a bit on the GME run-up, and currently have a small bet on the third race at Aqueduct, pardon me, on AMC June 18 30 puts.Yes, they are ridiculously priced, and it's a long-shot, but I'm not mortgaging my house, raiding the kid's college fund, and making my wife "work the street" 🤡
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