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U.S. Air Force working on rocket-powered cargo delivery

Jun. 07, 2021 1:53 PM ETVirgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (SPCE), LMT, BORGN, SPACEBy: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor36 Comments

Missile launch at night. The elements of this image furnished by NASA.
Photo by Elen11/iStock via Getty Images

  • What if the military could deliver supplies and equipment across the world in under one hour via quick trips through space? What if that technology could eventually be leveraged to enable point-to-point commercial space

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Comments (36)

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If cost makes little difference, then forcing those so inclined to travel and transport in this fashion to use liquid hydrogen and oxygen, would eliminate the carbon problem. But, this does seem an exaggerated solution to a seemingly trivial problem. After all, we have gotten over the absence of supersonic Concorde flights and we have yet to build a cross country supersonic vacuum tunnel. That it can be done doesn't mean that it should be done.
With all the hysterics about air pollution and penalizing the peons - what is all this rocket fuel doing and why is no one talking about it? question from a person questioning the logic of where all the focus on green energy is coming from, AKA rotting wind turbines, dead birds, backup for our "green energy grid" etc.
From greenly resources greenly.earth/... :
"In fact, research has shown that the more rocket launches that are to occur – the more that the Earth’s atmosphere and ozone layer will be warmed and depleted. This is due to the fact that rocket launches contribute to black carbon, which is more commonly recognized as the dark, soot-like substance that vehicles with gas engines, such as cars, leave behind. Anything that uses fossil fuels might create black carbon. Scientifically, black carbon is composed of several different forms of pure carbon, and heavily contributes to air pollution. This remains one of the largest environmental concerns with rocket launches, as rocket launches are subject to creating extensive amounts of black carbon which pollute the Earth.

When rocket launches occur, they emit black carbon into the stratosphere – and given rocket launches occur well above ground, these toxic particles have a better chance at harming the stratosphere than the black carbon produced from a car still on the ground. Even worse, rocket launches may emit black carbon even higher than the aircraft may go – meaning, even if the rocket launch is ultimately a failure, these polluting substances will still be released into the air. In addition to this already catastrophic environmental effect of rocket launches, black carbon doesn’t dissipate with ease – as the residue and toxic particles from black carbon can remain present in the stratosphere for up to four years. This is bad for both the planet and space exploration, given it contributes to pollution and can prevent successful space exploration due to lack of visibility.

The environmental impact of black carbon in conjunction with consistent rocket launches isn’t positive news for those enduring the fight against climate change. In fact, if rocket launches continue to occur at the current rate that they are – it could provoke the temperature of the stratosphere to rise almost three degrees Fahrenheit while still thinning the ozone layer."

Thank you for letting me vent
Don't know...I think the research here is something else than what's published. Think about the ability to loft 100 tons of made in China (substitute Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore if you like) crap for Amazon, use global jet streams, and get things to US or EU in 2-3 days. A great foil to China's global Belt and Road initiative. China has been buying influence in Africa, Middle East, and Carribean for years to pull this off and I've been thinking about a concept like this to obsolesce their plans.
I wonder how damaging to our climate (carbon footprint, other fuels that are damaging) are all these rocket tests and actual use. No climate radicals seem to worry about that, and it is rare to hear complaints about air traffic.
HLB1 profile picture
08 Jun. 2021
@Kyle54 There are many damaging things that humankind is doing every day, many of them to suppress the last damaging thing they did, all in order to find a new and non-existing magic level of existence. Watch out for people spending other people's money to ship un-needed products across the globe in an instant for mere trillions of dollars.

Seems like a perfect fit for Astra I.e. via HOL. They can launch with 6 people from anywhere in the world in short notice. ASTRA goes public this month and it’s pps won’t stay at $10 like it sits today.
@mexec1 Tell us more about HOL / Astra and why you think its worth a look
rurichyet? profile picture
How about a missile cargo delivered half an hour anywhere around the world.
Watch out!
If you're on the receiving end out of food, water, ammunition and hope a100 ton care package from home, in an hour, would be just the ticket.
xamd profile picture
sounds about as useful as pet rocks... which cost each a billion dollars to buy.
Maybe Iran would like a delivery
GNPK is the play here
SpaceX would be the prime candidate
Probably to deliver ramen noodles
pat45 profile picture
got to see if any way to make money, only so many billionairs who will pay for a quick space trip
(its spaceX)
Downeast profile picture
What is the timing or latest on the Aerojet Rocketdyne acquisition ?
@Downeast I'm sure you are referring to Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc - haven't heard anything since it was announced and this was released > > > > The transaction is expected to close in the second half of 2021, pending receipt of regulatory approval
Downeast profile picture
@AlieGee Yes, many thanks for your helpful reply....
@Downeast No problem....I think there is also a one dollar dividend
per share down the line if I'm not confusing this company with another.
rookster profile picture
Other than it launched above ground, how does a country tell if incoming rocket is nuke or not? Bad idea…
@rookster completely different trajectory
Booban profile picture
@doctahJonez whats that supposed to mean? Different from what? If they want to Nuke that spot, an ICBM would follow that trajectory too.
@Booban google the flight profile of an ICBM, tell me if it looks anything like a suborbital P2P flight profile ; )
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Imagine the billions upon billions that can be squandered on this boondoggle.
07 Jun. 2021
@vooch The F35 Lightning is up to 1.5 Trillion so far.
xamd profile picture
Really? wow, no really, thanks for the info, or tidbit of info. Sounds like they ll spend 2 trillion on this. What ever happened to Ronald Reagans space net anyway or whatever that was?
vooch profile picture

wow - what most amazing is Pentagon has unlimited resources and they lose every war. Imagine what would happen in the private sector to this managment team of failures.
Joe Springer profile picture
If only this could be done with explosive payloads on oppressed peoples.
@Joe Springer ICBM POG
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