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Apple previews iOS 15 with FaceTime updates, sending Zoom shares lower

Jun. 07, 2021 2:05 PM ETApple Inc. (AAPL)AAPL, ZMBy: Brandy Betz, SA News Editor16 Comments

Apple Store
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  • During today's WWDC 2021, Apple (AAPL -0.7%) previewed iOS 15, which includes some new FaceTime capabilities.
  • FaceTime gains spatial audio and voice isolation to improve sound quality and reduce background sounds. Rival Zoom

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Comments (16)

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The way things work on the SW side of AAPL is that WWDC unveils aspects of new SW that are public while leaving some features unsaid until new HW that supports them is unveiled in the Fall.

As has been the case for the past several years, the real innovation is occurring in watchOS and elsewhere. macOS, iOS, and iPadOS are all mature platforms at this point, so expect only incremental improvements and refinements, not anything with a real "Wow" factor.

Having watched the keynote, here's what's really happening.

First, the Apple Watch is really coming into its own, serving two roles: First, as a universal identification, authentication, and payment token that you'll be able to use for a virtually unlimited number of day-to-day activities. Last year's Car Keys is now expanded to Apple Keys, and adds support for your home, hotels, and various forms of IDs, such as corporate ID badges, Drivers licenses, and TSA identification. Not having to identify yourself but having your watch do so automatically in a context-aware setting is a game changer. This sort of technology will seriously change how we interact with all sorts of entities and make carrying a bunch of cards for various identity purposes a thing of the past. Ultimately this will just make identification and authentication transparent and automatic, dramatically simplifying daily life and interactions.

Second, the Apple Watch's ongoing evolution into a personal "medical tricorder" continues apace with things like automated gait assessment to determine falling risk (along with suggestions for simple exercises to strengthen and stabilize your ability to stand and walk safely). This is a huge help for an aging population. The ability to share health-related information with caregivers and your physicians is also a help to providing better patient care, as well as offering peace of mind to those who have children or elderly parents who require additional health support.

Unannounced today (because it will require a newer Apple Watch that should be announced this fall) but rumored as the next-big-thing in this area is Apple is reportedly adding non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. This would be a complete game changer for the millions around the world who are dealing with diabetes and need regular blood sugar testing throughout the day. Even for those without clinical diabetes, being able to know your blood sugar levels and response is a huge benefit to helping to lead healthier lives as there are tens of millions who are pre-diabetic, perhaps without even knowing it.

The other major announcement is the ongoing evolution of HomeKit to offer "smart homes done right" with a real focus on personal privacy. Personally, I would never allow an Alexa or Google Assistant in my house. HomeKit, on the other hand, should see increasing adoption as security and privacy-conscious consumers still want the convenience that well-designed home automation can offer. Offering unlimited security camera video storage in iCloud+ is also a huge advance.

The technical advances in application development and support are too arcane for general discussion, and we'll learn more in the technical sessions throughout the week, but suffice it to say that AAPL continues to be so far ahead of the curve in this area that it's not even close.

In summary, I'm quite pleased with what was announced today, and look forward to getting more details throughout the week.
SEC Investigator2 profile picture
Today's Apple Event was probably the worst one ever produced. A total embarrassment. It was more of a cartoon, poorly produced, boring, pushing junk....who cares how many people can use FaceTime simultaneously. Apple is turning in to one big joke under the weak and frail Tim Cook and his hand puppet Luca.
@SEC Investigator2

Agree the event was most likely the worst. Steve jobs wanted to do everything as good as possible. Apple today have forgotten that. Apple want to own the customer.

Wonder what steve jobs would say about when you speak to your front camera, and hold your phone with your right hand....the hand is on the microphone and the other person cant hear you.
JuliaKane23 profile picture
Zoom shares have been up all day
Xxfactor profile picture
Zoom shares have been up all day
Buggah profile picture
This is a good time to short Zoom
07 Jun. 2021
Yeah 7 dollars higher today,
Fake news. Manipulated as pleased. Sending Zoom higher where? Didnt you see the Drop on Zoom when Apple Announced?
@Franklin Rodriguez correct ZM dropped about 1% right around the time the feature was announced.
how does this help zoom?
@HughHughes it really shouldn’t ...they’ve introduced an additional option facilitate video conferencing between users who don’t use the same software. I’m assuming msft Teams will
Introduce this as well
Slack too. Stock makes no sense in bubble, simply replicating "nothing can stop the rally" meme like 2000, 2008
No stellar announcements, but please move the shares higher!
I think opening up FaceTime to non iOS users was good and the new health features were good
@kbellia Yea, adding Windows and Android support for Facetime was the bigger announcement.
it's up 420% in 5 years. it will pause from time to time.
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