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JNJ faces steep decline in demand for COVID-19 shot in the U.S.

Jun. 07, 2021 4:41 PM ETJohnson & Johnson (JNJ)JNJBy: Dulan Lokuwithana, SA News Editor85 Comments

Johnson & Johnson offices in Silicon Valley
Photo by Sundry Photography/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

  • Nearly half of the 21M doses of COVID-19 vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson (JNJ -0.7%) remains unused in the U.S., Reuters reported.
  • According to the latest data from the U.S. Centers for

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Comments (85)

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Churchill32 profile picture
I'm guessing we will start hearing more of this; a 25% decrease:

The COVID-19 death toll in Alameda County decreased from 1,634 to 1,223 on Friday after officials updated their methodology for COVID-19 reporting, now only including people who directly died from COVID-19 in their count.

Previously, Alameda County officials included in their death toll any resident who died while infected the virus — not just those individuals who died directly from COVID-19.

Probably shouldn't be tallied as a COVID death when you die in car accident.
@Churchill32 Anyone with half a brain realized this over a year ago.
Churchill32 profile picture
@BMC-USA Yes, but if you stated that opinion a year ago you were accused of conspiracy theories. The MSM wouldn't touch it.
@BMC-USA, the media will still tell their lies to herd their sheep.
jnj way inferior so why is this surprising news?
sooperhop profile picture
To vaccs or not to vaccs, the debate rages on for young healthy people!

Just barely under 50 yrs old, I'd prefer the natural immune system response and the herd immunity approach. But I have elders that I need to hug, so I vaccs for them.

But hypothetical speaking... Even if you are young and healthy, is the natural immune system approach sufficient if we are infact dealing with a man-made "gain of function" potential viral weapon?
Benjamin Graham Cracker profile picture
@sooperhop It’s simply a matter of rolling the dice. The virus affects everyone a little differently. You may never show symptoms as a 50 year old, or a 23 year old marathon runner can develop permanent lung damage.

It’s not so much the virus as it is each persons immune system. Some people come to find they have incredibly overactive immune systems that the virus triggers. Essentially the body attacks itself, it’s not the virus.
I will not allow a medical and scientific fraud to hijack my natural immune system, or make me vaccine dependent on a booster every year. I have a natural immune system designed by millions of years of evolutionary pressure from viruses. I prefer natural immunity, the herd can do as the herd does!
08 Jun. 2021
@jack bee those can be famous last words jack.
khanjar24 profile picture
We're quaking in our boots at the thought of it! Soooo scared.
Dividend Seeker profile picture
Where I live things are back to normal, feels great, happened much sooner than expected. Rather than fleeing where you live, why not change your voting habits?
@Dividend Seeker POST OF THE DAY!
Dividend Seeker profile picture
I appreciate that
Same thing happened to the Astra vaccine following their bad press and with MRNA and PFE available why take a chance
I'd prefer the single shot just for convenience tbh.
08 Jun. 2021
@coKain yeah, but protection is way lower, especially against the new variants
hardly surprising.
I would have thought the JnJ vaccine would have been more popular - one dose is advantageous. CVST and Thrombocytopenia are rare but do exist non-vaccine. Risks of side effects far outweigh the risk of the virus.
@teebeesee my risk of fatality from virus is .001pct, I'll take my chances
@Not4Real Actually it's around 2% based on the math I just did. Nonetheless since half of all adults in the US has been fully Covid vaxxed in the US your chances of catching Covid is extremely reduced.
Because they could not get the vaccine doses out in time. JNJ vaccine should have been the workhorse of the vaccination drive.

The previous administration gave the order to Emergent Bio (even though they had never made vaccines before) and they screwed up. It was all corruption. Anyone surprised?
@ding dong Yeah, that screw up was epic, 15M doses lost. Even though JNJ is not as good, it is effective enough. That screw up effectively killed some folks and prevented a lot of others to exit earlier from the shutdown.
Crayfishkaliari profile picture
thank the maker some people have sense
Big Pharma Marketing Spokesperson, Biden, needs to give another speech and press release
Non profit item. Dumb to even say
Diesel profile picture
It's a good sign.
I'll pass on being a human guinea pig for any of these and take my chances.........thanks.

Diesel profile picture
Says the guy who fills his body with processed food, junk food and all kinds of chemicals without questioning what's in them.

Well, he did sign his comment 'Sheep' so perhaps he is admitting he is what he accuses others of being.
So he is sayin his body, his choice. We’ve all been taught that is the gold standard . . . . . . . especially for liberals!
Michael Thomas profile picture
Many parts of the US will be in total lock down again by September.
@Michael Thomas I hope not but Q-tards gonna be Q-tards.
Crayfishkaliari profile picture
@Michael Thomas lmao... china got another one up their sleeve?
Don't worry, the CDC is trying to fix this by ratcheting up the fear on child deaths. Also, they can start marketing them to 12 year-olds who probably are not following VAERS statistics or other science-based risks. That should help J&J and others start moving more product and create life-long customers, however long that's going to be.

“COVID vaccination is one of those medical treatments that North Carolina says that a child is able to consent for on their own,” explained Elizabeth Ramsey, with UNC Health.

Crimes against Humanity
wanster profile picture
Why don't they hand out J&J vaccines in the J&J lunchroom ?
..Biden donates 19 million to help the rest of the world...what a joke. Milliond of doses have a short expiry date.
@Jimghad oh no $19M, a rounding error amount compared to the TRILLIONS in taxes lost from cutting tax rate on richest Americans from 35% to 21% which Biden is fine with not going back to and is trying to settle for 25%-28% and Repub won’t budge.
wanster profile picture
@Kneeling Is Patriotic "TRILLIONS in taxes lost" (what a dumb concept) is actually a sizable gain for hard working American labor and risk capital allocation that goes toward the efficient production of scarce resources.
@Kneeling Is Patriotic yeah, I long for all those compromises the Dems made when Trump was in office. Like sham impeachment and Russian witch hunts during a covid crisis. Here's a little advice: Don't do drugs BEFORE you post next time. And no, Kneeling is most definitely not patriotic, it's antagonistic.
rlp2451 profile picture
The US taxpayers paid for the drug so what does it matter to JNJ?
Crayfishkaliari profile picture
@rlp2451 it only matters to the psychopaths who care to force you to inject things into your body
rlp2451 profile picture
@Crayfishkaliari Hey, if you'd rather get COVID and die, I'm all for it. The world could get by with fewer idiots.
@rlp2451 Cray didn't call you an idiot, but since you disagree with him he must be one, right?
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