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Tesla veteran, head of heavy trucking, Jerome Guillen, departs company

Jun. 07, 2021 5:50 PM ETTesla, Inc. (TSLA)TSLABy: Joshua Fineman, SA News Editor219 Comments

Tesla Semi Truck
Photo by MikeMareen/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

  • Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) said that Jerome Guillen, who in March was named president of heavy trucking, left the company as of June 3, according to an 8K filing.
  • In March, Guillen transitioned to the

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Comments (219)

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The machine will keep churning, regardless who comes and goes.
Another rat leaves the sinking ship
Zacmac15 profile picture
Sounds like burn out. Guy is set for life.
@Zacmac15 I didn’t check his share count but being #3 pre 2020 means cha Ching.
Raysab profile picture
Why is it up? my puts gains have vanished!
Zacmac15 profile picture
The narrative around China *production* imploding is being derailed. May numbers were outstanding and Austin/Berlin are right around the corner. The growth story is still very much intact.
Raysab profile picture
@Zacmac15 Tesla sales in China dropped significantly

08 Jun. 2021
@Zacmac15 Too early to say.. May deliveries were lower than March…and April/ May ORDERS ( ie June/July deliveries) seem to be accelerating down… deliveries to China only (ie excluding China-made vehicles exported abroad) are averaging 20k / month …really too small to match annual guidance…(800/850k units globally in 2021)…and remember another top manager just departed company after another one made the same just a month ago …
What would you like to do set up the semi line or take your $300m and watch your kids grow?
@Stockscrash , exactly!!!
no loss, easily replaceable, would not even want to guess how many internals are vying for the position
ckarabin profile picture
@Stockscrash So you are saying that they put a guy into the job that was so bad at what he did that he could be replaced by just about anybody? Dont; say much for who they pick to put into their top jobs. And we're supposed to thing that this kind of hiring practices lead to unparalleled excellence?
Sunil Shah profile picture
Tesla post big EV sales in China for May '21
TSLA up 3% in pre mkt

'Tesla sold 33,463 China-made electric cars in May, including exports, a 29% jump from April, according to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on Tuesday. '

BUT WE DONT KNOW HOW MUCH WAS EXPORTS - IT APPEARS THE VAT (Vendetta Against Tesla) is very real in China
@Sunil Shah
I believe I read that about 11k were exported
@Sunil Shah

“Tesla, which makes its Model 3 sedans and Model Y sport-utility vehicles in Shanghai, exported 11,527 China-made vehicles in May.”

Andreas Hopf profile picture
@Sunil Shah

21,936 delivered in China (12,728 were Model Y)
11,527 Model 3 exported to Europe
Alexander the Great II profile picture
Jerome Guillen, aka Frenchy has left the building. Kind of like when Elvis left the building.

Okay, I'm joking.

I wish the guy the best what ever the future has in store for him. Did a fantastic job with the Model S start, got the Tesla Semi Truck off the ground. Time to chill a little bit.

With his stock options, he could start an electric Semi Truck company, especially what he knows from Tesla. That would be good for Tesla and everyone else involved. I hope he does that. It would be good for industry at large.

Jerome Guillen, best wishes.
@Alexander the Great II By that logic, Musk leaving would be the best thing that could happen for Tesla "and everyone else involved".
Zacmac15 profile picture
@julianbook It would be a miracle for shorts. I don't see Musk leaving before robotaxi network is rolled out. Several years from now.

I do think with SpaceX winning the sole Artemis bid from NASA and their rapid progression towards Mars that Musk's time will be pulled more and more towards SpaceX going forward.
Tonexx profile picture
@julianbook Musk leaving at this time would not be ideal. Not to mention, Automotive is just one of the many industries Tesla wants to disrupt. There is more to come from Tesla, there are many great Inventors and Engineers working on some amazing products. Expect a HVAC system that will be super efficient, to compliment Solar installs. Then there is Tesla Aviation, Musk has a Supersonic Jet in the works.
Cryptomani profile picture
No wonder he left, who'd wanna work for musk?
truwa profile picture
@Cryptomani Fake news.

Giga Berlin made the second spot in Germany for new engineers wanting to work for. The factory is not even operational yet.
Tonexx profile picture
According to Universum 2020 Rankings (most attractive employers), Tesla was #1 in Engineering and #8 in Business/Commerce. #5 for Computer Science students.

Cathy Wood profile picture
ckarabin profile picture
@Cathy Wood Because it is always bullish for your company when the best guy you could hire for the job quits and allows you to hire somebody less talented for the job that you passed over the last time
truwa profile picture
Guillen has left.

XPeng and Nio are coming. Both have ambitious growth plans reaching over a million BEV production capacity by 2025. And with on site battery production. Both are coming to Europe.

BYD already has its own battery production and coming to Europe.

Geely (Polestar, Volvo), Li-Auto and several others...

All growing fast.

CATL is building huge new battery factories, one of them is rumored to be just for Tesla.

And Tesla is also growing like crazy. New factories with on site battery production is coming next year. More new factories for compact vehicles will follow.

Lucid, Rivian and many others...

All coming for the market share of Legacy Auto. Every BEV sale is happening at the expense of ICE.

Luxury ICE vehicles and high performance ICE vehicles will be first to disappear. From 2023 and later all ICE will be under fire.
@truwa ICE is melting.
@truwa I’ve started to think the battery cost might not go down (as most have been assuming) for the next few years. Not just recent inflation, but this could be simply caused by steep YOY increase in demand.

If it’s somewhat limited by natural resources, typical Wright’s law won’t apply. The price could somewhat resemble oil rather than semiconductor which followed Moore’s law for decades.

Just a thought..

PEV might be a valid option for longer than I originally thought. In fact I might replace one of my ICE with PEV instead of BEV this year. The other car I own is already a BEV.
Alexander the Great II profile picture
@truwa ,

"From 2023 and later all ICE will be under fire."

Actually underwater, Tesla and everyone else will be firing ahead. Depends how you look at it. Jerome will have lots of work if he is interested.

Actually your comment was very good.
Fangorn profile picture
Cue all the usual negative Seeking Alpha authors scribbling furiously whilst gormless analyst Gordon Johnson peddles his usual drivel.
So a veteran of the company in March gets promoted and by may is gone? Someone splain that one to me.
SimonR2 profile picture
@roswellion He wasn't promoted in March, head of all automotive (including heavy truck) to head of heavy truck is a demotion.
Davewmart profile picture
@roswellion There are 4860 reasons.
winfield100 profile picture
Yes, the 4680’s don’t convert hydrogen to fuel cell electrons and the paths of the electrons is far shorter without tabs, max 80 millimeters instead of the length of the cylinder roll

Happy investing
dmce profile picture
Jerome was at Tesla for 10 1/2 years. He accomplished a lot. Is everyone expected to stay at Tesla for life?
Of course not but why not leave in March before he gets named President of the Heavy trucking.

Maybe just waiting for the title - might make him more "sellable" to the competition.

On the other hand, perhaps he's had more visibility of Tesla's heavy trucking and sees it as a poison chalice.
@dmce, of course not. As with any good scam, you vanish before the mark knows he’s been conned.
Darn, now the semi will NEVER make production by 2019!
This company gets worse by the day. How many red flags do investors need?
Fangorn profile picture
@SomeGuy14 Tesla keeps on defying the "pessimists"
How many times getting burned does it take before haters like you wise up and buy stock???
Tonexx profile picture
"This company gets worse by the day. How many red flags do investors need?"

Demand out stripping production, growth over 50%+ yoy, #1 EV company in the World, corners World EV battery production... and etc. Not to mention, Tesla is building 2 Giga Factories in Austin and Berlin.

I think the company is on firm ground.

I think you're wasting your breath. One thing the Tesla threads prove is that the supporters (just like the detractors) will not change their minds.

IMO, Telsa's (and Musk) is spreading itself too thin... cybertruck, semi, roadster etc all late (or non-existent) whilst their bread-and-butter cars are looking bland versus the competition - which is not 10 years away they're here now. The much hyped "technical advantage" is now also gone. Tesla's only advantage is the charging network but that is being eroded on a daily basis.
Jb left. How'd stock do since
dmce profile picture
@Ted Hu - +1339% since the day JB's resignation was announced
Putting him in charge of semi was a hail Mary pass. His leaving and Plaid+ canceled just confirms 4680 was a hoax. Next shoe to drop likely concerns Cybertruck.
Joe Blast profile picture
No need to make more semis, since the first two they have been driving around the last few years are just so good.
@julianbook makes no sense to produce the semi before 4680 due to needed batteries.
Elon said 2021, so now you are saying that is a lie?
One day the Plaid + is cancelled. The following the head of Semis, leave. More and more red flags.
EV_supporter profile picture

Since IPO I have seen hundreds of "red flags", including pages after pages VPs and directors left, yet the stock went up 200 fold.

I remember in 2019 an Australian fund manager proudly announced that he shorted TSLA because there were 24 red flags. Then the stock went up 2,000%. I laughed at him at the time because he knew nothing about the company.

The key is to understand what the company will do next, especially in the long run.
Joe Blast profile picture
@Blackboxtrader1 AMC is up more than 2000% YTD, maybe Elon should have started a theater chain.
Krypto profile picture
@Blackboxtrader1 What is key to understanding that the competition has finally shown up?
Krypto profile picture
While he was at Tesla, he was the greatest ever.

Now that he is gone....
That's what I love about Tesla fans. Short memory. Great when you are employed and totally rubbish when you aren't.
Joe Blast profile picture
Barnacle. Definite barnacle.

When you are in any kind of bubble it is tough to break free. It is not just tunnel vision, confirmation bias, but brain washed.
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