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Options traders betting on $100 oil - WSJ

Jun. 07, 2021 11:11 PM ETUnited States Oil Fund, LP ETF (USO)UCO, USO, DBO, USL, SCO, BNO, OILK, USOI, NRGUBy: Carl Surran, SA News Editor21 Comments
  • Traders have been heavily buying call options tied to Brent and West Texas Intermediate crude oil prices reaching $100/bbl by the end of next year, a milestone not seen since 2014, WSJ reports.
  • Owners of $100 options, the most widely owned WTI

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Comments (21)

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These call options buyers are delusional, ridiculous, and reckless. They must be a bunch of YOLOs (You Only Live Once)!
AEGISBMD profile picture

People like to gamble...no more office pools and Vegas vacations, so they use the money for playing Options (alos think Lotto sales!).
@AEGISBMD , Between YOLO, TINA, and FOMO the markets are in a bubble. A note for some newbies out there: FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out...it has nothing to do with Fomo da Frog who foams at da mouth!
AEGISBMD profile picture

Its not the fall that kills you....its that sudden stop at the end.
Trade is profitable when oil hits 70.
It will be $200 when oil majors cut production by 20-30%
@iv2006 running will become a trend, I should invest some sports shoe manufacturing and knee repair business
Oil majors aren't cutting production, and OPEC is already, if slowly, turning the spigot back on.
I think the price will be demand-driven. If people continue driving giant road-hog RVs cross-country even after gas gets to $4, commercial transportation picks up, and industrial activity resumes, then perhaps it could go to $100.
And that would be good news indeed for some of my investments.
Oil majors are cutting Capex, and production cuts will follow.
Once the virus is fully beat it's all blue skies i e no shooting Wars, no threat of missiles including North Korea, etc etc
@Jon Brien , They will never fly again like they used to.
Lol WTI cannot even reach $70. Got immediately rejected
BISON73 profile picture
I can live with that…..
bill h illify profile picture
Well…let’s get WTI to $76…then we may start talking triple digits…work to do yet!
@bill h illify , You mean the sign of the 76?
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