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Electronic Arts is the biggest S&P loser on Battlefield bug reports

Oct. 06, 2021 2:25 PM ETElectronic Arts Inc. (EA)TTWO, ATVIBy: Kim Khan, SA News Editor31 Comments

E3 Gaming Conference Begins In Los Angeles

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News

  • Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) -7% is under heavy selling pressure on reports about the bugs Reddit users are finding in the beta version of Battlefield 2042.
  • If losses hold, it would be the biggest down day for the stock

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Comments (31)

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First of all it's a beta so yeah it should have bugs which I really didn't experience much of. And I guess you guys didn't try the vanguard beta you wanna talk about bugs that was terrible
A lot of the negative gameplay comments on the BF reddit stem from the fact the games movement / mechanics feel more like CoD or Apex Legends vs traditional Battlefield games. The biggest issue I had was the poor performance / optimization. Stuttering / choppiness even after turning the game settings down on a 3080ti with a 5950x. I believe the optimization issues will be sorted before launch. Should be a good core game, once other game modes and map sizes can be explored.

Edit: Playing on a 1440p monitor
Mason A profile picture
Had zero bugs that affected gameplay in 2.5 hours of playing yesterday. And this build of the game is several months old. This Battlefield has more potential than any other BF that I've played. Seems like a non-issue.
Shangrila Value profile picture
What a company. Can't trust it.
Bugs in a beta? What is this world coming to?
People should be selling EA because they are the most GREEDY game developer in the market, NOT because of some fixable bug...
@Cmcnew they aren’t worse than ATVI at the moment
ValueVole profile picture
Doubled my (small) position today. Will add more on further weakness
BogdanGechi profile picture
@TurdFurgeson I'm not very familiar with gaming stocks, as I'm just looking to enter this industry, but why is EA (or ATVI or ZNGA) considered attractive? Looking at the price history they don't move much: EA is still below the highs of 2018 and only seems to tread sideways for years. Also, the dividend is pretty low at 0.47% compared to market avg of 3.3%
Claudius Odermatt profile picture
@BogdanGechi If you are looking for a high dividend yield in the gaming sector, you are better off putting your capital to work elsewhere.
Montresor profile picture
I just played the 2042 beta an hour ago. It ran smoothly compared to other betas I've played. Back in 2010 the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta was almost unplayable, but the game ended up being fantastic. I'll be adding to my position tomorrow.
-7% on buggy beta testing is quite ridiculous. Then I expect +250% on launch
06 Oct. 2021
i think a lot of the beta testers are missing the point entirely.
BF2042 is the most diverse and inclusive BF yet! ignore the bugs and enjoy the progress!
Claudius Odermatt profile picture
@hdnw how did that diversity go for the older BF? Lol
Just a buying opportunity that’s all.
I bought 2 plus weeks ago at 125 and change…so it isn’t bringing it back to there.
Every game launch has a lot of bugs these days because managers rush it out to please investors....then the cycle is complete when they panic over bugs.

FaultyR0M profile picture
@schlar01 rush it out? They been developing the damn thing for 3 years now. At some point you have to release or cancel it. You can't possibly spend 5 years developing one game.
Kansas King profile picture

Five years to develop a game is not necessarily unusual for big titles anymore. Games are sooo much more complex than they were less than a decade ago and gamers are more demanding. This results in less games but heavier titles. It makes misses much more painful for studios.
drizzlechan profile picture
@FaultyR0M Wat. Games are constantly being developed that long these days. RDR2 took 8 years.
labas112 profile picture
EA is a terrible video game maker. They lost their edge long ago.

They turned Madden into a joke.
The ruined the FIFA title.
The leader in f***ing loot boxes.
@labas112 FIFA makes over a Billion $ just in microtransactions/ year. Sure dude..
@labas112 As a kid, I'd religiously buy Madden, NBA Live, and MVP Baseball every year. Now the last two are dead, and Madden ought to die. Even Bioware has crashed and burned since Mass Effect Andromeda...legitimately everything EA touches turns to dust.
Jacobin777 profile picture
@labas112 Unfortunately, I have to agree. Even with all of the "bells and whistles", Madden just isn't the same. I have the new FIFA for my X-Box Series X however my wife and I haven't finished playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla. We actually got our X-Box Series X just a couple of months ago.
SeriousUsername profile picture
Lmao bugs are par for the course with EA,that cant be the reason.
Other than that theres nothing but insider selling going on with this company,buying at these levels is delusional,clearly overvalued.
Especially since they lost their exclusive Star Wars license.
If it goes below 90$ I'll be interested.
Jackboot profile picture
buying opportunity if ever there was one
Diesel profile picture
Another great buying opportunity. EA is a great trading stock.

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