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FDA authorizes Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for children 5-11 years old

Oct. 29, 2021 3:28 PM ETBioNTech SE (BNTX), PFEBy: Jonathan Block, SA News Editor34 Comments

Germany Launches Covid-19 Vaccinations Nationwide

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News

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Comments (34)

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Opposes Tyranny profile picture
introduce new risk with unknown downside for a near zero gain with an already failed series of shots... this is a fiat scam
Using the CDC;s own reporting (VAERS mortality data and Covid-19 mortality data), the vaccines are 4-40x deadlier than the virus to minors. This is insane.
craftbrewinfo profile picture
This is tragic. I'm sorry. Anyone with a brain knows the mortality rates in children are miniscule. I am glad my children are grown because if I had younger kids, I would fight this tooth and nail. No way.
bigstrike profile picture
Pump your kid full of of an untested drug? No clinical trials. No placebo group tests. Insanity.
Profits/children = Nefarious Tyranny
I thought that to issue an EUA, there had to be an emergency?
Earnings report for BNTX should be interesting
Why do 5 yr old need it do they all go to school and why aren't there more data
craftbrewinfo profile picture
@Eformula because the data is locked up for 75 years... hmm isn't that a bit suspect?
coelacanth10 profile picture
Where is the section where we can discuss the actual medical aspects of the vaccines, so that parents can give informed consent, required under emergency use authorizations? This has no relevance to politics, but it may save a child's life.
@coelacanth10 At your Dr's office, who is actually qualified to give advice and not an investing website. That's for darn sure.
coelacanth10 profile picture
@Jaydog022 You have the right to make a decision for your child based upon informed-consent. Please, please educate yourself upon the risks of the mRNA vaccines(see openvaers) vs. the risk of the virus itself to your child. Once done, there's no going back.
Dividend Ambassador profile picture
People don’t get what a big windfall this COVID vaccine is for PFE. They get so hung up on the fact that the massive revenues will eventually come to an end. An infusion of many tens of billions is a VERY GOOD THING for PFE. They can use the windfall to beef up internal research and development, purchase molecules and pharmaceutical companies, eliminate debt, buy back shares, you name it. So what that it will end. It will strengthen PFE’s ability to perpetually grow revenue per share. It will have a lasting impact.
@killiondt Pfizer and other big Pharma get squat in the big picture from their in R&D. The blockbusters come off the backs of small biotech companies and acquisition of other companies. Pfizer is all about aggressive marketing. I know, I’m a retiree.
Dividend Ambassador profile picture
@dl4 PFE has done one hell of a job of marketing during the Pandemic then!
@killiondt Not really. They are New York Liberals and Biden/ Schumer got paid to listen to their CEO recommend boosters, teanagers, now kids. Baloney
Jacobin777 profile picture
Finally. My kids are getting it! 👍

For those who don't want their kids to get it:

1)We don't need the mental gymnastics as to why your kids won't be getting it.
2)Stay away from my kids. 🙂
@Jacobin777 if your kids get the shot and it works, why should it matter if my kids get it or not? Unless it does not work. This is not a vaccine it is therapeutic Medicine.
@Jacobin777 we should have more data on kids, there always should be
29 Oct. 2021
@Jacobin777 shouldn’t your kids stay away from the unvaccinated because yours could be the carrier without knowing it.
littlecubbie2019 profile picture
What a surprise. The govt only already bought the doses so the fda is really not going to approve it? Wouldn’t matter about the science or the fact children are low risk for covid but let’s inject them with something anyways without regard for long term studies. We don’t know the long term side affects.
No thanks.
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