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Activist is to said to increase pressure on education publisher Pearson

Oct. 31, 2021 5:00 PM ETPearson plc (PSO)By: Joshua Fineman, SA News Editor17 Comments

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Comments (17)

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Pearson Plc bought National Computer Systems in MN which had "bought me over 20 years ago. Pearson had Pearson Government Solutions, Psych Corp. tied to big pharma, and had huge ties in DC then. They got Lybia to buy their stock then refused to pay dividends then whacked Col. Qhadafhi etc. got the contract to set up the Transportation Safety Administration, TSA after 911 and got No Child Left Behind to make billions of "testing". Bought me just I worked non old stuff with Defense Contracts with Cubic Defense using old Adage equipment for Top Gun training for all the Nato type air forces. Turned the TISPI Data from the P5 Pods into planes on the screen you could store etc. for pilot training. In the movie "Top Gun". They just made scanners designed in the 60's etc. which also later were used for "elections" like when they tried to overthrow Chavez, but he got "wise". Chairman Lord Dennis Stevenson got demoted off the stuff after 2008 as all his Banks had to be bailed out like HBOS, with tens of thousands loosing their jobs. He had married the City of London Corp. Lord Mayor's daughter or something and attended Davos, Bildergurg, Council on Foreign Relations meetings and used to be the 7th most powerful idiot on planet earth! Now he out, busted like a lot of Pearson Plc. and the UK but so is Lybia, Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, Yemen, mostly over control of oil. They go way back to the British Empire days and used to be in construction-enabled Mexico City! Tunnels to Manhattan, petroleum and major media in Europe including the London Financial times but today they've sold off most of it including their headquarters even Penguin Books! British Empire isn't what it used to be except all those offshore tax havens.
@D. Rockefeller Wow. Where do you get all this information?
@brucemurison Out public schools.
@mjxm I do not understand your comment.
ransim7222 profile picture
What type of investor actively works to decrease the value of their investment in a company? This sounds very odd.
Consideration profile picture
@ransim7222 Actually, most of them. Like Elliot and others.
ransim7222 profile picture
@Consideration So does Buffett do that?
Consideration profile picture
@ransim7222 Not historically, he buys and lets management keep running the company he liked or simply buys outright what he wants like the Dominion pipelines.
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