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Snowflake surges almost 13% following strong sales and outlook

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  • Snowflake (NYSE:SNOW) shares climbed almost 13% in after-hours trading, Wednesday, as the cloud-based data-management company reported better-than-expected third-quarter results and forecast stronger sales ahead.
  • Snowflake (SNOW) said that it lost 51 cents a share, on revenue of $334.4

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Comments (29)

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hansrichtig profile picture
“Strong” sales - lol
AI STONKS profile picture
Tough environment for these types right now. No clue if this holds today. Long this stock but could still have another leg down, and despite great earnings.
02 Dec. 2021
I really like snow, but there is to much growth priced in. Looking for an entrypoint at lower levels.
@J2.0 you just missed it this week. Instead of waiting, start a position and average in if price drops.
04 Dec. 2021
@YaYaHero Wait, you’re saying you can’t time the stock market?
Intel should benefit from this. Snowflake and Intel partnered up.

"Intel welcomes Snowflake to the Intel® Disruptor Initiative Program. Working together, Intel and Snowflake provide customers with performance and increased flexibility across multiple public clouds with Snowflake’s Data Cloud using Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel Xeon-based cloud instances."

Herbert +H-Dog+ Kornfeld profile picture
@Hellraiser how hilarious is it that Snowflake has 1/2 the market cap of Intel, with 1/100th of the sales of Intel
@Herbert +H-Dog+ Kornfeld comparing the growth trajectories between those 2 companies is hilarious
I sold this stock at $400, where it double topped, and won't touch it again, until valuation comes in a bit.
Good luck buying into a bubble stuck mid bubble pop.

The fact that it only lost half as much as it lost last year isn’t exactly enthralling
Cristi_an profile picture
in today’s market conditions, that +13% will translate in -10% tomorrow eod
Critilyst profile picture
@Cristi_an let's hope so! 😁
This is trading at an insane 100x!
Whoot whoot!! After day like today nice to see good news..especially since I have Palantir and SNOW. Have confidence in both in long term.
PLTR is having better results than Snowflake but that stock is getting crushed. Reason PLTR is directly listed without any benefit to Wallstreet
Off His Game profile picture
@bmagnate PLTR isn't having 'better' results. PLTR is completely different than SNOW.
AI STONKS profile picture
@bmagnate I mean sure.. if you believe that. What you think and reality are completely different however.
Raysab profile picture
@bmagnate LMAO, people still comparing both because they listed in the same day SNOW and PLTR are totally different businesses
looks like a few on the short side melted a little. Whatever happens tomorrow, SNOW has some staying power.
Excellent quarter! Slootman and company executed well! Longz SNOW! :-)
TigerCub911 profile picture
It will be funny if $SNOW selloffs tomorrow along with the market being down another 1-2% tomorrow.
01 Dec. 2021
@TigerCub911 So short it
str8_chuter profile picture
"Snowflake surges almost 13% following strong sales and outlook"

Will melt by morning.
01 Dec. 2021
@str8_chuter str8_wrong
At least i know what to short tomorrow lol
Herbert +H-Dog+ Kornfeld profile picture
most over-valued stock in an over-valued market
BigBoeing profile picture
@Herbert +H-Dog+ Kornfeld WRONG. Go look at NET.
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