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China aviation regulator approves Boeing 737 MAX as airworthy

Dec. 02, 2021 7:05 AM ETThe Boeing Company (BA), SPRBy: Carl Surran, SA News Editor14 Comments

Boeing 737 MAX 8 Planes Face Renewed Scrutiny After Second Crash In 5 Months

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News

  • Boeing (NYSE:BA) +5.3% and supplier Spirit AeroSystems (NYSE:SPR) +6.4% pre-market after the 737 MAX regained airworthiness approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China, a major step forward for the jet's return to service

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Comments (14)

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Interesting pre-market trading in BA this morning. Looks like someone wants to push the price down, unless I’m missing news that have not hit the tape yet. China will certify the Max, so BA stock is a good value going forward pass this virus news.
@vassille The news on the FAA AD requirements for 787's already in service....
I wonder what additional piece of software is being required?
CAAC probably milked BA for all the technical info they could so they could pass onto COMAC to build their own.

Clock is ticking on BA before they lose all of China as a customer.
@blorber Senior, So SAD your comment and hopefully not true. If China wants to take over first spot from the asleep at the switch Americans the last 30 years) them they have to throw a bone to the rest of the Global business world!!
Building a commercial plane by China is not impossible but who is going to buy it outside China?
Building commercial planes just for China by China only is not efficient.
Ask the Russians they can build planes too
@vassille China is a HUGE market to lose and a large part of BA projected "skyline".
How would they know like they're the experts? Pilots for Chinese airlines have to be ranked right up there as some of the worst in the world! At least when we traveled to China years ago! Longz BA! :-)
Djreef1966 profile picture
Now, the fun part. Parlaying this into sales.
@Djreef1966 approx 125x 737max are already sold and built for China, parked in the states. Only need the Chinese airspace open to fly them in and hand over the keys for cash.
@Lincoln Durey keys? Come to think of it.. wow… never thought about it … how do they turn it on? Lol. Gonna hop on Quora

Long BA but absolutely shitty management and constant problems. Chinese are gonna drag every order out and demand and get ridiculous discounts. Omicron could not have come at a worse time. Powell going all Xi hammering down equities. This stock ain’t gonna soar anytime soon I’m afraid.
Adambombfx profile picture
YES ! this was just a matter of time................

prudent 576 profile picture
Excellent, long SPR, still waaayy below normal pre-COVID crash price level.
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