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DiDi Global drops after plan to delist in the U.S., move to Hong Kong (update)

Dec. 03, 2021 8:38 AM ETDiDi Global Inc. (DIDIY)By: Joshua Fineman, SA News Editor20 Comments

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  • Update 5:55pm: Updates shares.
  • DiDi Global (NYSE:DIDI) fell 22% after the ride-hailing firm announced plans last night to delist from the New York Stock Exchange.
  • The company's board has also authorized DiDi (DIDI) to pursue

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Comments (20)

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All dumb AZZZ answers on here, people don’t read investment books
Jion profile picture
No one gives a specific answer about what will exactly happen. As always, these situations offer big gains if you make the right bet.
So clumsly the way the entire situation has been dealt with from all sides.
Jion profile picture
@Vanamo at least with a lot of DD, some great opportunities came to my attention...
Money&Money,LLC profile picture
shush....Dont tell BillyB1980 ..He still thinks he and Munger have it ALL figured out..... BABA is great, Jinping is a hero.....
Only good thing about the DID episode is that the US will finally not allow auditing exceptions to US listed corporations from China.
@techniques Doesn't mean a thing, SEC and feds tow the line for the Chinese who just don't report, standard operating procedure, no results, no exceptions..
An audit exception is any finding that falls outside of the expected results of an audit after going through the necessary steps.
can any one know what will happen to retail trader shares of didi. i do have put options what will happen to those. any one have any idea please post. thank you
@RCHOP Call and ask your financial institution: Fidelity, Robinhood, etc.
@techniques thank u I will
Chris Lau profile picture
Two articles already expired:
1/) Alibaba: How High Is The Risk Of Delisting In Reality
2) Alibaba Stock: The Truth About Delisting
Confirmation bias hurts portfolios.

First, CCP commands the DIDI de-listing.
Second, the SEC seeks VIE de-listing to PROTECT investors. China will not let US investors look at the books.

Need a fiver to offset Didi? seekingalpha.com/...
Avoid all China stocks.

This company fleeced $5b off US investors.
@Entreri if people think like you then nobody makes $ in stock market. We only listen to billionaires
Rye147 profile picture
I acquired a handful of shares, nothing excessive, but unfortunately it has gone tits up. When they delist - will that be a total loss? Or will they pay out a portion to existing shareholders?
Chris Lau profile picture
@Rye147 Did you ever own china mobile? The shares will convert to OTCMKTS, if your broker allows for it. If the broker doesn't allow pink sheet stocks, you are forced to sell. The forced selling creates a BUY for DIDI on the dip, then a sell upon de-listing for a tidy profit.
Rye147 profile picture
@Chris Lau I did not own china mobile. I appreciate the information !
Ice_Kold profile picture
@Rye147 I think it will convert to HK shares. And if you're like me with a broker that doesn't allow you to trade in those markets, then you might need to call the broker in order to execute a sell trade once it converts.
What will happen to retail traders shares. I have put options what will happen to them. Any idea please post . Thank you
EverydayJoeSchmo profile picture
BABA next!
This company has been through A LOT lately. Oh, and is it even profitable?
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