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Hot Stocks: AAPL sets high; EV stocks rally; AVAV, HQY fall on earnings; TRUP jumps on CHWY deal

Dec. 07, 2021 5:39 PM ETTesla, Inc. (TSLA), AAPLVOXX, AVAV, HQY, TRUP, CHWY, HYZN, LCID, INVZ, AEVABy: Brian Stewart, SA News Editor6 Comments

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  • Stocks staged a massive rally on Tuesday, continuing their recovery after the losses posted last week. Electric-vehicle stocks stood at the vanguard of the advance, with investors downplaying short-term worries to focus on long-term potential.

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07 Dec. 2021
All of the news coming out of Omicron suggest symptoms will be mild. This should be the final nail in the coffin of fed rate rises, especially in Friday's inflation data is hot. The Nasdaq responds by jumping over 3%, an excessive leap even if much of the gains were set up by last week's losses. It's anyone's guess what this market does next.
Dark Samus profile picture
@Nmni Thursday or Friday market will dip
@Nmni just another random walk on the street bro
GR Value profile picture
Apple earns like $5 or $6. But at a normal tax rate they earn like $4. And at import inflation they might earn $3s. See we can play this game all day long. But in the end, anyone paying $160+ is just delusional without a massive growth rates of margins or revenues. Paying 30 years in advance based on distorted metrics is bubble-esque. You won't even be made whole before 2060 at these "distorted rates". And you risk being made whole in 2070-2080 if things revert to normal.

You can't grow metrics that are distorted. Tax rate unsustainability isn't "growth" it's just manipulating metrics. Apple may very well keep bubbling higher, but I wouldn't want to hold that eventual downside.
@GR Value buy apple for Xmas and new product releases
deercreekvols profile picture
$AAPL up 32% YTD.

To think that I could have put money in an "innovative and disruptive" ETF and lost 19.7% YTD. Seeking Alpha favorite, $ARKK, the flagship fund of Ark Investing, is down almost 20% YTD even after "surging" today.

Come to think of it, Ark Investing sold their shares of $AAPL a long time ago in favor of "transformative" stocks.

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