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AbbVie division Allergan in $200M settlement with New York over role in opioid crisis

Dec. 08, 2021 12:37 PM ETAbbVie Inc. (ABBV)COR, CAH, MCKBy: Jonathan Block, SA News Editor17 Comments

Allergan headquarters building exterior. Allergan plc is an American, Irish domiciled pharmaceutical company. - Pleasanton, California, USA - 2020

Michael Vi/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

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Comments (17)

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WSLegend profile picture
Curious what Allergan ever had to do with opioids?
namam75 profile picture
@WSLegend they were doing 40% of generic opioid between 2006-12
WSLegend profile picture
Never realized that! I always just thought of them as being in Ophthalmology and Aesthetics.
namam75 profile picture
@WSLegend they used to be known as actavis generic at that time
bbob68 profile picture
Could someone please tell me what exactly Allergan to deserve such a penalty? Isn't it the doctors who have to write the scripts? I don't see that much about many of them being held accountable.....maybe I'm missing it.
namam75 profile picture
@bbob68 the whole things is extortion but everyone is caving in..like JnJ/mackensoon/endo etc
Income4ever aka Cyclenut profile picture
Fold like a cheap tent... who benefit s lawyers, politicians never the actual victims..
@Income4ever aka Cyclenut it’s cheap. Why fight it? Best part is they can’t sell opiates there. Good.
Marrk profile picture
Good move. Pay it off. Don't do it again. Move on.

What opioid did allegan make?
Jason Z profile picture
so $200M x 50 states?
@Jason Z some states aren’t insane. But they are all greedy. So it’s a toss up.
namam75 profile picture
@Jason Z will be closer to 3B global settlement as NY is getting 5.5% of the global settlement.
farmed out profile picture
And who will be the beneficiaries of this $200 M payment? Families of opioid users? Taxpayers in general? The government of NY who will decide what they want to do with this money?
@farmed out my savings I suspect you know the answer to this. A relative of some politician that has set up a “non-profit” focused on opiate abuse will soon be purchasing a new Ferrari and one of those awesome Biden Jr. finger paintings.
Another NY high tax state shakedown.
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