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Disney's Bob Iger still thinks Apple merger would have 'gotten there' if Steve Jobs had lived

Dec. 21, 2021 11:02 AM ETThe Walt Disney Company (DIS)AAPLBy: Brian Stewart, SA News Editor46 Comments

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Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment

  • Outgoing Disney Chairman Robert Iger continues to believe that the entertainment giant would have eventually completed a merger with tech powerhouse Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) if founder Steve Jobs had lived.
  • Speaking to CNBC in an interview

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Comments (46)

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DONTIGNY profile picture
Bob Iger is second to none. He transformed Disney and the question is on Chapek. Perhaps a good operator, certainly not a Visionary.
Et20 profile picture
What creativity? All I see are remakes like Lion King, West Side Story
@Et20 and yet they continue to profit handsomely with the same remakes every 5-10 years. That’s creativity for you in a business sense 😂
nerd_rage profile picture
@Et20 Taking the Marvel movies and making streaming series like WandaVision and Loki takes some creativity. WandaVision is actually getting a lot of Emmy buzz. Would the Marvel movies have ever won "real" Oscars?
Et20 profile picture

There's not much buzz on the Marvel series, it's just meh, stuffed full of SJW finger wagging.

Boba Fett trailer looks interesting.
I would not like a watered-down Apple.
Iger only wants what is best for Iger. He's milked Disney for about all it is worth. No sense in letting him kill more brands.
Get Rich Brothers profile picture

Which brands did Iger kill?
“the Apple founder appreciated the benefits of combining "great technology" with "great creativity."

Disney as great creativity… Star wars season 4 episode 3 🙈
flumeride profile picture
Why would Jobs want to merge with Disney? Steve Jobs would never give control of Apple to an outside company and I don’t think he had any ambition of running a media company.
@flumeride Then why did he buy Pixar from Lucas? Jobs did well running a media company.
@CinemaByte1080i Pixar was an animation technology company back then. Later it became a production studio. Disney, however, is a media conglomerate which owns distribution.
flumeride profile picture
@CinemaByte1080i This was during the time that Steve Jobs was founder and CEO of Next Computer. He had been fired from Apple and was looking to compete against Apple and "Wintel".

Next was using Motorola CPUs and I believe Apple was running Motorola CPUs as well. Also, Sun was making a name for itself building "workstations" based on a RISC processor. Pixar was doing animation and special effects for Star Wars. Steve Jobs bought Pixar for the software. Pixar produced a few short animated clips. The animation was produced solely by software running on Apollo workstations. It was revolutionary because before Pixar all cartoons were hand drawn and that is a lot of drawing to produce a short cartoon.

So he wasn't buying a media company. Later he sold Pixar to Disney.

Also, his biography states that he felt that he contracted pancreatic cancer while running 2 companies simultaneously.
I read Iger sold $98m in Disney stock @ $180 earlier this year.
Apparently he still has over 500,000 DIS shares = $75m.
He's thought to be worth around $700m.
@jcat90 his remaining NW consists of mostly Apple 😬
Too bad no interviewers had the balls to ask Bobby why he screwed up ESPN with all the "woke" crappola...everytime I just by chance surf it I hear that loud mouth Stephen A over acting..the guy seems to have zero control of his yap..
@coolcatnip you conservatives love saying woke. Not sure about espn specifically but the “woke” nfl is thriving. How do you explain that?
LONGBULL+ profile picture
Perhaps the soon to be spinned Starz SPAC could be interesting for Disney.

Lionsgate after the Starz SPAC is also interesting for Disney.

17000 movies library and Studio.
Henry_22 profile picture
Coulda, woulda, shoulda.
This is news?
Point of fact is, that AAPL shoulda bought Netflix some years ago.
@Henry_22 and their gonna repeat that same mistake by not buying VIAC now.
Both AAPL and DIS need the content to be in the big leagues and VIAC is dirt cheap! 🤔
nerd_rage profile picture
If Disney+ needs more "dimensionality," get Comcast out of the picture and merge Hulu/Fox/FX content into Disney+ as a separate tab at a somewhat higher price. $10-$12 or so for the ad-free expanded Disney+.
papita profile picture
Iger-luckiest guy in the world. from a humble background, Ithaca College, and a weatherman to a very rich man. good for you Bob, but even you must be amazed at how your life turned out.

Prices are up in Oceanside. maybe time to move back to your roots. If you do, I'll join you.
deercreekvols profile picture

Nice mention of Ithaca College.

Go Bombers!
Disney and AAPL might still be a possibility or another stock split above 200.
@justanopion no way in hell it happens due to monopoly concerns
So, you can discuss it with Steve Jobs when you have a chance to meet him.
The idea that bigger is better has been disproven by failed merger after failed merger like Time-Warner-AOL. All they did was make their formerly top companies suck, because no single executive boardroom has the executives or board members needed to properly lead a conglomerate serving multiple industries. Even if you start out with that kind of dream team, the people will eventually leave and the business will fail. You're much better off partnering, not merging.

In 2019, Disney made 7 the top 8 grossing movies at the box office, all of which made over $355 million. In 2021, Disney had #2, #4 and #6, and other studios have the rest of the top 8 blockbusters.

They can blame the pandemic all they want, but the Spiderman sequel is proving right now that people will show up in massive numbers to watch a movie if it's really good. It's already made $260 million prior to the end of its first week.

Disney needs to figure out how to make really good movies in quantity again. Ignore the Netflix and Chill couch potatoes tweeting "the big screen is dead" in their stained t-shirts at home. Lower quality small screen content isn't what makes a movie studio #1.
Joe_G profile picture
@donfdraper Not all conglomerates fail. Berkshire Hathaway has done well as a decentralized conglomerate of many unrelated businesses. Honeywell and Danaher have also made the conglomerate structure work.

The problem of conglomerates is that they are often pursued by mediocre management teams that see M&A as a way to compensate for their own mediocrity. AT&T and GE are perfect examples of this dynamic.
@Joe_G Berkshire's not a real operational conglomerate, but an investment house that doesn't significantly interfere with the management of its subsidiaries.

Nearly every merger involves a takeover, and that takeover is what screws up the company. They're rarely done well. Small companies are more focused and innovative. Big ones inevitably slow the growth of any smaller companies they buy out. They spend a lot more time thinking about politics and brining in corporate trains to teach social justice topics than on what's going to keep them relevant 10 years from now.
investor_newbie profile picture
@donfdraper EL and other major cosmetics companies had pretty good M&A records. Same can be said for the top medical equipment companies. I guess it all depends.

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