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Dog-walking co. Wag is said in talks to go public through CHW Acquisition

Jan. 15, 2022 4:55 PM ETWag! Group Co. (PET), ROVRBy: Joshua Fineman, SA News Editor24 Comments

dog walking with a corgi in winter snow

fotografixx/E+ via Getty Images

  • Dog-walking firm Wag Labs Inc. is said in discussions to go public through a deal with CHW Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:CHWA).
  • The transaction is expected to value the company at an enterprise value of $350M, according to a

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Comments (24)

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I mean honestly. After the BARK and ROVR fiascos how can they do this? They're going to get close to 100% redemption when shareholders vote.
And yet they say they don't ring a bell at the top.
They will have to contend with this recent story and others like it. Nothing can turn a stock into a dead dog as swiftly as a dead dog. www.yahoo.com/...
Dog walking for $350M pet sitting for $1.2B. Only in America.
When's the bird watching one coming out?
Eric Sprung profile picture
What a novel business idea! Easy 10X
Longbow Archer profile picture
Let me guess:

"HUGE TAM!!!" but right now they are in "growth phase" so there is negative EPS and huge negative FCF/Share, but of course, the "unit economics" are very strong as evidenced by the "adjusted" EBITDA?

The "next AMZN" and everybody "laughed at Bezos" so you should "diamond hand" this "long term winner" because "this is the future of dog walking".
deercreekvols profile picture
They promise FSW (Full Self Walking) will be ready in late 2022.
I can't wait to pay 80X sales for this stock. Will WAG be in CW's ARKK? What a disruptor idea this is?!
Legacy Legends, LLC profile picture
RJMC profile picture
I am going to launch a bird watching SPAC. This is ridiculous.
mykes2012 profile picture

How about one where someone comes in and feeds your cat and empties the litter box?
RJMC profile picture
@mykes2012 - ticker could be CATP or LTBX?
RJMC profile picture
@mykes2012 - or a poop pickup SPAC? POOP 💩 or SHIT could be potential tickers!
There is already an abundance of companies making fire hydrants for dogs to pee on. Here are some on Amazon: (people pay real money for something for their dogs to pee on!!!!!)

Honus profile picture
These guys are completely full of Shih Tzu.
Convoluted profile picture

That’s a good one!
Convoluted profile picture
This could be bigger than PTON!
billrla profile picture
When a company fully automates dog walking, I'll buy it.
So stupid you can't believe it's true.
mykes2012 profile picture
Imagine a public company based on a service you or your kids should be doing in the first place. Whew, no interest.
TigerCub911 profile picture
It is amazing that investors are still getting sucked into these kind of SPACs. Didn't they look at $ROVR $BARK etc.? $CHWA will be under $4 in no time. It's fine with me because I will short the crap out of time. Buying $7.50 or $10.00 puts mostly has been my strategy if they can't be shorted. So sorry to see some of their investors lost tons of money on these scammers..
That stock could be a diamond in the ruff.
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