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China’s economy grew 8.1% in 2021 compared to a year ago

Jan. 16, 2022 9:54 PM ETFXI, PGJ, EWH, CAF, CYB, GXC, TDF, CHIQ, YINN, YANG, CQQQ, CHIX, MCHI, CXSE, KWEB, ASHR, KBA, CWEB, KUREBy: Gaurav Batavia, SA News Editor58 Comments
  • Fresh data from China overnight showed the nation's economic growth slowing to 4% pace in the fourth quarter, from 4.9% Y/Y growth in the third quarter, bringing the full-year growth to 8.1% Y/Y, weighed down by property-market crisis and new coronavirus outbreaks.

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Comments (58)

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Just some comments:

1. Inflation caused by China due to supply shortage as an answer to increased demands.
2. Lockdown in remarkably sized Chinese cities and urban areas.
3. No travel to China allowed.
4. Evergrande and several real estate firms default.
5. The unemployment rate rising.

The situation is much worse than pre-pandemic areas.
In the pre-pandemic, China could not achieve 8% growth..

How can China top this growth rate????
Why should anyone trust any data from Ch1na ever again?
@bizkitgto missing analyst expectations of 8.4%, do you think all the major banks around the world are lying?
@Jay Peng No one with any brains trusts any data from Ch1na...
@bizkitgto i like that attitude, if all Americans are like you, China is going to be number 1
PBOC cut interest rates. Not a vote of confidence.
Fake news.
Enron style.
@kb9wnt Americans are good at enron style.
Just wait until the real USA #'s come out showing massive contraction. Its not growth when you regain what you had previously lost/built
@dandroidz they will conveniently remove some data to show what they need it to
Funny how the only country that seems to be thriving after the virus broke out is China. Perhaps we have a thing or two to learn from the Chinese on biological warfare...
@Faninvestor9 If Covid were Chinese biological warfare why would they infect their own population?
@100centsofadollar I don't know, similar to killing somebody in your backyard.
How do US analysts forecast Chinese data with any reliability?
Still same narrative, when China numbers are bad, people here hate them for being bad. When China numbers are good, people here hate them and blame for fake numbers. Like $BABA last year. It is easy to find a stick to beat a dog.
@Majky the numbers out of China are mostly fabricated. So don’t be naive
@Paulpan6709 Sure, when the numbers are positive, then numbers must be fabricated. When numbers are poorly, they are right. Funny :)
@Paulpan6709 They have been saying this for 20 yrs. Most likely China has been under-reporting.
Don’t believe anything stated by the brutal military dictatorship of China
@montereymd The US is the real dictatorship.
RickcarinoNYC profile picture
Fake numbers. Xi needs approval with re-election by his elites communist meeting in next months after Feb 1, new year.
His image must project that China is winning and moving ahead. Reality is high cost of production, very low public support,
High bankruptcies, China is rotten from inside out.
8.1% is that all. "slowdown" alright.
Albeit actual # prob closer to 6.1 than 8.1 still solid
Diesel profile picture
Good for them. People are continuing to buy junk made in China.
@Diesel the americans, mostly
@Diesel such as iPhones
How? Their real estate market is in shambles
Wonder if these numbers are any more credible than the USA nonsense.
Why do I get a feeling that there is a war going on between US and China on who has the bigger GDP economy? and the world prize goes to ????
P Roamer profile picture
The only true figures from ZZP are the fake figures.
As I said on this very board 2 or 3 years ago & was trolled, China’s economy will never ever surpass the US. Just taking a preemptive victory lap bc it’s all very clear now how the pieces are falling
@freshcupajoe RECORD inflows to Chinese stocks prove otherwise
@goodfellasfinancial Stocks still down -50-90%.. bottom fishing. Besides that has nothing to do with my statement..
@freshcupajoe what about US stocks down 50-90% ?
Welcome to China where all the numbers are made up and the percentages mean nothing!
@freshcupajoe yeah, made their way to becoming #1
Moats and Income profile picture
Xi’s fake economy has finally begun to contract…you can bet it’s worse than these numbers…losing face on the world stage with collapse of Evergrande, and now Country Garden Holdings.

CCP Semiconductor’s are a farce as is their attempt to stop our Omicron. The virus came home to roost…
@Moats and Income

Too many government funded make work projects in China leading to inflated statistics.

While this has led to rapid industrialization, it has also created a lot of redundancy and waste. Real estate sector looks like a house of cards, unlikely to be the only sector.
@Moats and Income Xi’s fake economy has finally begun to contract, i read that statement like 8 years ago.
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