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Boeing clinches deal with Qatar for 50 new freighter jets

Jan. 31, 2022 2:18 PM ETThe Boeing Company (BA)GEBy: Carl Surran, SA News Editor29 Comments

Boeing Logo on Building

sanfel/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

Boeing (BA +4.7%) bounces to the top of Monday's Dow Jones leaderboard after confirming Qatar Airways agreed to purchase as many as 50 of its new 777X freighter jets, becoming the first buyer

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Comments (29)

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mk1992 profile picture
Looking at the right side column of Related Stocks, all the military industrial stocks are getting sold. What gives? Would have thought they would be going up with Ukraine on all the front pages??? Any thoughts?
Adambombfx profile picture
@mk1992 Sliver of hope: Kremlin sees a diplomatic path on Ukraine


This is why and energy also down today.
china certificate and purchase should move the price higher by 5% - 10%

230 per share this year ?
@blue_angels When will news announce?
Really good news for BA's freighter prospects against the A350. COVID has certainly shifted the balance of air traffic in the direction of pure freight. At least some of this shift is likely permanent with changes in business practices.

Getting Qatar to also buy in on the 737 was good as well although these are "provisional orders" whatever that means?
mk1992 profile picture
@Iflyvolaris 737 MAX - 25 firm orders with option to take another 25.
Life is a marathon-------baby steps, to walking to jogging to running. And yes the arrogance and pettiness and stupidity took down Boeing for a few years-------hopefully these "Big Machers"--------know the score and wake up. Long BA !!
Glad for GE, but the last sentence gave me concern.

It mentioned an "increasingly bitter dispute" between Airbus and Boeing apparently as a result of this transaction. That could become more worrisome until some issues are addressed between these two giants.
@jeffreyzinkan dispute between Qatar and airbus not between boeing
@vavemula I read it differently. Don't think Qatar is a company. The link gives me the impression that Boeing and Airbus are at odds over the Qatar deal and that the "increasingly bitter dispute" is between those two companies - perhaps over other deals as well. Admittedly, I don't follow this issue that closely.
mk1992 profile picture
@jeffreyzinkan Just google Qatar Airbus cancelled orders. Boeing has nothing to do with the spat.
Adambombfx profile picture
Jacobin777 profile picture
Boeing losing the Qantas and KLM order were big losses. If Boeing can get British Airways to commit to the B737MAX then it will be a great win for Boeing (along with the Allegiant Airlines order).
White House event?? Must be a big moment.
@Parkspec I'd say 20 billion is a pretty big moment. Especially when the grand poobah of Quatar is sitting eating lunch at the White House.
@meadowlandscris Boeing did this - Biden didn't.
@Parkspec Unless of course Donnie was in the WH - then it would have been all him, the great deal maker, right? Typical...
Great news for BA as they will continue to dominate the market for freighters well into the future.
Great news for US workers
Andrew Shapiro profile picture
Another positive for $BA suppliers lil $PFIN $SPR and others.
Forgot to mentioned the other biggie: 50 737MAX orders
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