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New York Times gains 5% as subscriptions drive stellar quarter

Feb. 02, 2022 10:43 AM ETThe New York Times Company (NYT)By: Jason Aycock, SA News Editor5 Comments

New York Times Headquarters in Manhattan New York City

Allard1/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

The New York Times Co. (NYSE:NYT) is 4.5% higher today after its fourth-quarter earnings topped expectations on nearly every measure, and the company boosted its dividend and set a new stock buyback.

The company

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Comments (5)

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David Jackson profile picture
Wondering whether it's a bullish sign when a company announces an acquisition just before announcing earnings.

If a company announces an acquisition for stock, knowing its stock will fall after announcing earnings, it will get sued by the acquired company. So it can't do that.
Even if the acquisition is for cash, investors might view it negatively as an attempt to distract from earnings.
Would be interesting to see what the average subscriber paid, and how much variation there is. I'm one of those subscribers, have been for a few years. Every year there is a song and dance about how they want to end my "promo" rate and make me pay the "normal" rate, which is 3-4x more. I call them and say I'm going to cancel, and they immediately agree to give me the same rate.
They should really just do this more slowly, like boiling a frog, and they would probably get more money out of people like me who are too lazy to call over $1-$2/month increase, but will do so over $10+/month increases.
They have been losing more subscribers than they gained over the years. Half this country does not care for their ideology and don't want to pay to read it. I don't think this is about the cost, The new Wordle game may entice new readers but for how long? Some unbiased and factual articles would help but they stay in line with DC. Just saying......
soral a raison profile picture
@generalpurpose You sound like a reasonable person. Im surprised you are at all interested in the garbage militant fake news NYT dispenses. What do you find attractive?
@soral a raison If you're calling it "garbage militant fake news" then you're not asking the question in good faith, despite attempting not to insult me personally (which is appreciated, and I don't intend to do the same to you).
I don't have any interest in answering your question on a personal level. On a sober, detached level, there is already enough commentary on the quality of reporting in the Times across the world of journalism that I don't need to add more.
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