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Meta stumbles 18% lower amid profit miss, light revenue guidance

Feb. 02, 2022 4:15 PM ETMeta Platforms, Inc. (META)By: Jason Aycock, SA News Editor627 Comments

Facebook Covers Sign At Menlo Park Headquarters

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News

Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:FB) has slid 18.3% on its fourth-quarter earnings, where profit fell short of expectations and the company guided to light revenues in the current quarter.

Revenues rose 20% from the prior year, to $33.67 billion, and easily

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Comments (627)

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This fall to $237 is a excelent opportunity to buy.This low price will stay for long.
Oracle of NJ profile picture
@A.Jay It's 226 today. down another 4%
Haha. No company deserves it more than Zucks' baby. No sympathy.
wanster profile picture
Wow - Down nearly 25%, meanwhile DWAC spac led by Trump is soaring today, up to $84.00 - 'Let s Go Zuck' >>>>
All those censors and "fact checkers" cost money.
wanster profile picture
@milehr Like $200 Billion ~~
@milehr They actually lost me, a former FB follower! Let’s go Zuckers.
Gyna Grih profile picture
It's ok AMZN will come and rescue the market again just like APPL, MSFT and GOOG did. FAANG is no longer...
@LongTermActivist MAAG or GAAM?
Pedlar profile picture
Nice to see AAPL crush this turd.
Okay so if undervalued Facebook can drop 25% on a little bump on the road now imagine how will end up APPL trading around PE 36 and MSFT which growth rate is even smaller than FB but trades for double the PE. What will happen to them once they reach peak earnings in a quarter or maybe two?

Thats a warning of things to come.

And than you have Tesla which will face competition of dozens of new EV models this year coming from almost every car manufacturer. VW gaining market share like crazy already selling half the cars like Tesla and they barely started their EV sales.
Jerome PowelI profile picture
@Peretepradlo Big reasons $MSFT, $APPL, $GOOG continue to outperform is the frontier of their market penetration keeps getting pushed out with new and innovative products that sell on the spot. There is no waiting for growth from these guys.
FiXu Research profile picture
@jorisderooij The weak guidance is for the first quarter because Apple's changes were not in effect in the last Q1, so there is higher base to compare it against. In the upcoming quarters, the growth will go back to previous levels.
FiXu Research profile picture
What people don't get is, user growth might be decelerating but digital add spending is still growing at 20%+. Compound it with 5%+ user growth to core business, you still get 25%+ revenue growth.
Earnings will be affected in the upcoming years, but remember folks, billions spend on 7 areas Mark mentioned in the call is not wasted, it just doesn't show up in DCF's
@FiXu Research Thanks god they didnt get it. It means more money for us who get it.

I really doesnt care if FB grows 20% per year or 18% per year. It will make hell a lot of money anyway.
Jerome PowelI profile picture
@FiXu Research There was a lot to not like about earnings, did it deserve a 25% plunge? Eh, you add it all up and it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I wouldn't fault buying, holding smallish on the long side, but I'm not holding my breath. PLENTY not to like here, but I'm neutral.
@FiXu Research I am but one person, however, Zuck’s political views has caused attrition of a lot of money baggers to go direct and avoid Facebook. Let’s go Zuck’s
AAPL$ profile picture
03 Feb. 2022
Apple just delivered a death wish to Facebook and social media stocks. Tim Cook is Death Vader.
Facebook is a horrible thing. Delete your account and live a much fuller life.
@DividendDripper Yeap and instead on Facebook spend your life commenting on Seeking Alpha.
@Peretepradlo You get all the same boomers thinking they're clever by posting "Let's go Brendan" with a dash of doomers prophesizing hyperinflation.
jorisderooij profile picture
Going to be a painful day. Spotify and FB are 2 of my top 10 positions. Looking to add to FB. 3-11% growth is weak guidance and I do expect them to beat it. I like that they are investing heavy for the long term. Pretty poor quarter just gave a nice buying opportunity. -20% Is not justified.
Fooly Finance profile picture
@jorisderooij Remember that's just for Q1, they said 2H22 will accelerate. Its a minor blip. They AI/ML learning investments should fix the iOS targeting problem and pay huge dividends. By next year the impact will be zero.
jorisderooij profile picture
@Fooly Finance Fully agree with you
all those who missed te bus earlier, have another opportunity to climb aboard, the bus will not stop for long and will speed off very soon.
@A.Jay This bus is set to drive off the cliff.
A golden opportunity to buy. This low price of $249 will not sustain and it will go back up to $350+ very soon.
@A.Jay ??? In today's Macro conditions and deeply reduced growth rates?
@A.Jay Rather sub-200 soon. This will go to pre-covid levels for sure.
Leon Laake profile picture
@A.Jay That didn't age well.
Google's AI can literally help develop new drugs, Facebook can't even weed out spam and fake news, and people wonder why they're going nowhere? Lol.
PDXGuy profile picture
I bet some retail investors didn't even look at the ER, they just watch the stock going down and sell in panic as well bots/alogs act as catalyst to this freefall.

FB will arise someday but it doesn't deserve 25% haircut punishment, totally ridiculous and insane.
@PDXGuy found the bagholder :)
@PDXGuy I agree, this 25% haircut is insane. It will rise and the short sellers will be trapped.
PDXGuy profile picture
@iridescent yup a bagholder since $45, absolutely no regret. FB had been thru these falls many times and eventually will come back. You should also buy now before it becomes juggernaut.
High Yield FIREVestor profile picture
I'm not happy about what's happening to FB. Believe me. Reinstate Trump!
mainevent102 profile picture
@Investing4FIRE hold it thru 2024
High Yield FIREVestor profile picture
@mainevent102 thanks 🙏 that's great strategy
This company is a money printing machine. They are in such a tough spot. Some people say they don’t censor enough, some say they censor too much. It’s petty nuts. This company had 34B in revenue in a quarter, if you don’t think a 720b market cap is way too low, you shouldn’t be investing.

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