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Shell declares $0.48 dividend; sees share buybacks of 8.5B for H1 2022

Feb. 03, 2022 2:26 AM ETShell plc (SHEL)By: SA News Team34 Comments

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Comments (34)

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@ziggyzig xom has inferior exposure to the new king lng and less retail footprint
precise profile picture
SHEL is a joke, dividends and investors unfriendly management, still less than 50% from the pre Covid level, new investors will take distance.
@precise new investors won’t be retired or traders, so they don’t want dividends that are flushed in taxes. That’s the strategy of Shell’s management, an ownership rotation towards growth-friendly investors.
Wapiti19 profile picture
@precise I just need to get to break even then I am gone with all my shares.
@Wapiti19 Ditto! Was a widows and orphans' stock, now it is a dog.
RDS will squander the profits being now being made (on $80 oil) on investments in unprofitable woke projects and enriching executives via stock buybacks being assigned to executive comp plans. Totally untrustworthy management. If you must have an EU oil company then buy TTE.
@Whiterabbit66 so far buybacks cancel stocks. Why do you say these go to execs?
@FactDistortion Generally many of them go into a pool to be reissued as variable comp. Most companies less than 50% of buybacks actually lower the float. BRK is the big exception, in some years 90% of KO's buybacks went to execs this way. I think RDS will have to break down these numbers on their next report somewhere. It is not a simple buyback one share, lower one outstanding share at RDS.
@Whiterabbit66 whenever I look into Shell’s buyback filings they clearly state that they are cancelled.
JAVAR profile picture
Rather than buy backs at a high SP , I think paying off ALL DEBT ON BOOKS or at least trying too. Same net affect- but more cost effective if SP is higher. We are going from 75 WTI to about ~ 110.00 oil over the next 6 months with Ukraine and Europe NatGas situation ( Russians threatening to cut it off) … I like Canadian SU and CNQ, for profits and massive revenue bump up…. Permanently. Buying CNQ and Suncore / SU . The sleeping Giant in Canada is BTE . BAYTEX ENERGY. 5.00 to $18-24 very quickly in next 6-10 month. Most Canadian oil investors know the reserves and quality of company. …. Thoughts?
@JAVAR not with esg and the Europeans trying to force them to shrink their oil and gas businesses
ContyC profile picture
@JAVAR Paying down debt during boom time is the smartest thing to do. Of course they won’t do it.
This is not an increase. They are talking about an increase for next quarter, but this one remained the same.
SleepyInSeattle profile picture
@pdrozin thanks.
Well, at least share count will decline faster than their oil extraction.
Mitridates profile picture
Shell management is the worst in the sector, a group of monkeys could rule the company in a better way
This management knows nothing other than share buyback at a high price...
@stanshen and what would your recommendation be? I'm with you, reducing debt would be better than buybacks but investing in new oil project based on the actual high prices doesn't make real sense because these projects have to make a return for the next 30 years and that is highly uncertain. Investing in renewables could be something to do but the competition is really high as well as prices. So buybacks are not the worst thing to do.
@German-Investor balanced approach will be best. Moderate debt reduction, reinstating back dividends to pre Covid times, holding cash for asset grab to top up their reserves when the next recession hits as oil is cyclical. Now, they are just using their assets to boost their financial engineering share buybacks. If they had done this earlier, dividend cut would not have been so drastic, share buy back would have been more aggressive in 2020 (they suspended it). 3.6% yield for an oil major is a joke at high oil price...
@stanshen they have around $3bn share buybacks planned for H1 2022 (excluding permian sale). Not that much in the actual price environment imo.
GabsterX profile picture
Oil prices are soaring yet we see a minuscule dividend hike and as usual commitments to buy back stock when they're at their highest levels.. Instead of changing the ticker symbol they should change the management.
03 Feb. 2022
@GabsterX even if the sp goes higher, I'm still happy I sold a few months ago for a small profit. BP is the next thing I'm trying to get rid of. I should have just dumped everything into XOM.
ContyC profile picture
@GabsterX We saw a big debt reduction last year. This is a great achievement. While I agree that buybacks are not very effective when the share price is already high, I don’t think a higher dividend would have been a good option. They should focus more on reducing debt faster.
Investor Dude profile picture
Where is the 4% incease?
Edit: in May 😊
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