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Snap lives up to its name as shares snap back in a huge way on upbeat earnings

Snapchat Parent Snap Begins Trading On New York Stock Exchange

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News

Snap (NYSE:SNAP) snapped back from a day of losses, Thursday, as the social-media company's shares surged more than 50% in after-hours trading following a quarterly report that blew away Wall Street analysts' estimates.

Snap (SNAP) said

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Comments (29)

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A serious question, so SNAP is not being affected by the privacy updates? New to this advertising space . Thanks !
04 Feb. 2022
@Kyle_G It looks like they've found a better way than the others in the space to circumnavigate the IOS ad troubles.
kickered profile picture
Still an absolute garbage of a company......Instagram took their wicket.
bubbleking profile picture
goes to show that FB taking the market down like some sort of bellwether is nonsense.
charly333 profile picture
@bubbleking stock reacting like mad to FB and earnings shows the risks involved in holding it. Trading like a small cap. Anyway here around 36 I find it super expensive.
limitlist profile picture
Trying too hard with the captions lol!
buckiowa profile picture
Markets intervenants make no sense anymore … there was a time when you could trade variance swap on stocks … prices are now meaningless on too many assets. No company should loose 25% on no news to be bid up after hours 50% on just an earning beat which does not imply a total transformation of the business. ABSURDITY
Trade17 profile picture
@Amstragram short covering man and other funds looking to kill the shorts. I’m selling first thing at open
Opu profile picture
03 Feb. 2022
@Trade17 I doubt if it is short covering.. the SI is not too high. SA says 4% - if that info is not correct, I donno how that could cause 50%+ increase in share price. Everyone buying, no sellers could do this. But then, in regular session, this could quickly fade.
Bought more yesterday when it tanked after market :)
SNAP is the reason why FB dropped.
@Stoks4Life04 Moms are on FB, the upcoming generation is on Snap.
Insouciant Investor profile picture
Jesus look at the volatility on this mofo. This market is crazy. Up 50% in AH.

Must be due to crazy options activity and/or shorting.
@123098567432 ended up 60% :)
wow look at the chart, time to sell this rip.
EverydayJoeSchmo profile picture
Facebook bunch of amateurs.
Not a SNAP holder, but down 24% in regular session to up 55% in AH is just wild stuff.
Is SNAP actually taking marketshare from META?
Nickthetree profile picture
@Soto1 our teenagers use SNAP but never wanted to have anything to do with FB. Instagram still strong IMO along with TikTok.
PDXGuy profile picture
Short squeeze
@PDXGuy I hope so
What a Snap back. Oh man!
TRADED AT 11.4 2022 PS , COME ON ?
snap back to reality! oh there goes gravity! 🙌
InvestmentFreak profile picture
SNAP will surpass META with regards to market cap sooner rather than later!
@InvestmentFreak Long ways to go, but I certainly hope so!
@InvestmentFreak it will not only surpass but will dwarf it
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