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Abbott expands voluntary recall of infant formula after FDA informs of 2nd infant death

Mar. 02, 2022 6:22 AM ETABTBy: Ravikash, SA News Editor5 Comments

Illinois Drugmaker Under Investigation By State Attorney General

Tim Boyle/Getty Images News

Abbott (NYSE:ABT) expanded a voluntary recall of the Similac product manufactured in Sturgis, Michigan facility.

The FDA said that the U.S. CDC announced one additional illness of Cronobacter sakazakii (a type of bacteria) with exposure to powdered infant formula produced at

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Comments (5)

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I greatly regret the loss of life, but we live in an imperfect world, where we humans cannot make things 100.00% error-proof. That said, Similac is the absolute best of the infant formulas.
As the father of an infant this is completely unacceptable. We trust these companies to do the right thing period. Not after babies die. We use Similac and my wife is an anxious wreck. If there wasn’t a formula shortage all of it would have gone in the garbage. Totally disgusted shareholder. Responsible management should be fired and face prison time for manslaughter.
@aetius73 Also a father here. So you have a baby and you're still giving him the formula that killed other babies? Responsible management means taking care of your family. Throw it away. Even infants can receive organic milk, goat's milk, etc. Check with a nutrionist and take care of your kid instead of waxing about your portfolio.
@aetius73 Abbott sets the standard for safe baby formula manufacture. You will not find a baby formula manufactured (powder or liquid)with as much care and safety controls as Abbott…period.
@aetius73 -- Let's hold off on the firing squad until we know more about this. Wanting someone fired is a common knee-jerk reaction, and not necessarily a good solution. The potential problem has just come to light, and Abbott immediately issued a recall. There could be any number of sources or explanations for the apparent contamination. ABT and the FDA will get to the bottom of it. You said we trust these companies to do the right thing, and Abbott did the right thing. Long ABT and holding. RSR
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