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Trump SPAC Digital World pares some gains after report on Truth Social issues

Donald Trump Holds Rally At Iowa State Fairgrounds

Scott Olson/Getty Images News

Trump SPAC Digital World Acquisition (NASDAQ:DWAC), which is taking Trump's social media company public, is paring some gains, now up 2%, after a report on some issues with Trump's new social media platform

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Comments (214)

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Trevor Day profile picture
Trump is betting hammered in the Ukraine
Ivanka negotiationing 7!figures yo pose naked for lies social .
Nunes is doing his best to destroy this stupid brand.
How much blow can a man do before losing control of his sphincter?
The real question will he leak naked pictures of Melania to goose the downloads?
Only one man can destroy this stupid platform.
What POS platform
Trump will be mocked forever.
Devin Nunes will be fired shortly.
What a fckin loser trump is. Lies lies lies.
“Lies Social” should talk about Trumps involvement in the Ukraine killing and murders.
For the longest time Donny Boy was blowing his pal Vladimir until Vlad started murdering women and children all over Ukraine. Now Donny Boy claims he wasn’t actually Blowing Vlad just fondling his testicles in his mouth.
When you’ve ingested as much speed as trump has you lose control of your sphincter muscles. That’s why Donny wears adult diapers.
@Moomoo22u2 not to mention contol of rambling nonsensical rants looking like a petulent child as seen on the presidential debates with Biden. So much so, they had to muzzle him with mute button. Fox News just goes to the commercial.
munhoi profile picture
North Korea war mongers, Russia war mongers, US war mongers, China not war mongers, when have you ever heard of China starting a war outside their own country , you have to go back centuries , Russia North Korea and the US are constant war mongers and Trump already started the new civil war of the 21st century in the US 2 years ago, China is into economic wars to expand their prescence that is what all the Admins past policies have been against , but you cannot stop the biggest population trying to be self sufficient and have a better standard of living for their population , ie you can go take middle east oil and start decades of war yes folks the US started many endless wars over oil vs becoming oil dependent 50 years ago, that is how terrorism emanated from IMHO, now we got a Russian dictator with Parkinsons disease trying to go out on top angry over the fact he will die soon with Parkinsons disease and taking it out on the world , just like Trump tried to take the country down with a civil war before the feds convict him on many crimes by becoming President again to avoid jail time IMHO - this country is in big big trouble if Rumble DWAC and the likes are not financially BKd, which will happen on their own, they are sucking in followers to get rich on the poor hapless disenfranchises - the Trump brand is associated with nothing but seedy criminal activities IMHO
Went to go see where Truth Social is on the top 100 app store apps, and it's out of the top 100. Looking down past top 100
101 - $Z Zillow
104 - $SBUX Starbucks
105 - $AMZN Twitch
106 - $ADDYY Adidas
107 - $JPM Chase mobile
108 - $GOOG Google Slides
111 - $EXPE Expedia
116 - $TGT Target
119 - $GOOG Waze
120 - $INTU Turbo Tax
121 - $DWAC Truth Social

Rough fall compared to social media peers
1 - Ticktock
3 - $FB Instagram
6 - $FB Facebook
7 - $FB Messenger
8 - $SNAP
12- $FB Whatsapp
23 - $TWTR Twitter
38 - $PINS Pintrest
82 - $IAC Tinder
96 - $MSFT Linkedin
munhoi profile picture
@moral development people rather download and file their taxes vs DWAC
@munhoi the IRS app IRS2go is #61

"Check your refund status, make a payment, find free tax preparation assistance, sign up for helpful tax tips, and more!"
Christopher Fortin profile picture
You shorts can shill here all day. You're still going to get wrecked.
@Christopher Fortin Oh, please do tell when the wrecking starts. It has been all peaches and cream so far.

What are the catalysts for this stock to take off when there is no actual business behind it?
george the animal steele profile picture
It cost me $220. to put Biden gas in my vehicle today. Under Trump it cost. $ 67
Christopher Fortin profile picture
@george the animal steele Biden is Stunning and Brave how dare you ?
@george the animal steele . You're not driving a Prius, obviously.

You're not reading the news either. Have you heard of Ukraine? Might be worth listening for a few minutes.
Another Trump surrogate Enrique Tarrio of Proud Boys fame INDICTED today for Jan 06. You are the company you keep. That makes Donny a super far right scumbag.
@Moomoo22u2 I wonder if any of the three letter boys that infiltrated and incited violence Jan 6th will be indicted. Ray Epps comes to mind.

The Whitmer case fell apart shortly after the text logs came out showing the agency infiltrators concocting the whole “kidnapping” scheme. I expect this will evolve in similar ways. But because MSM has planted thoughts tied to emotion in the heads of many citizens (Orange man bad) most will more than likely ignore any evidence contrary to their inorganic beliefs. We the people are pawns to (((them))), they use psychological warfare to manipulate public opinion/thoughts for their benefit. That benefit is retaining power. Power over you, over me and anyone who stands in their way.

Remember, a United people is what breaks this system of corruption and people around the world are uniting.

Minority is projected as the majority, there are less of you than you know and many more patriots around the world than the MSM will ever willingly reveal.

Good luck to you.
@Seek your own news Make up your own news.
buckiowa profile picture

One guy they are trying to 6 years in prison for taking a selfie in Pelosi office ? Unbelievable
mpcascio profile picture
I’m waiting for Joe and Kamala to open up their site. What would you call it? The sheep herder’s?
@mpcascio DeepStaters Illuminati ventriloquist would be more fitting
buckiowa profile picture

Dumb & Dumber online
@buckiowa they call it, repub putin lies.
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