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MediWound slides on proposed stock offering

Mar. 02, 2022 4:30 PM ETMediWound Ltd. (MDWD)By: Dulan Lokuwithana, SA News Editor11 Comments

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  • MediWound (NASDAQ:MDWD), a commercial-stage pharmaceutical company focused on tissue repair and regeneration, has lost ~29% in the post-market Wednesday after announcing a proposed underwritten public offering of ordinary shares.
  • A 30-day option allowing underwriters to purchase

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Comments (11)

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The gang selling the offering only cares about it's take. I suspect naive management got smoke blown up their derrieres.
Veni Vidi Vici profile picture
The timing of this offering looks quite suspect given the upcoming multiple clinical data releases and the recently announced $9 million BARDA and $1.7 million DoD awards .
@Veni Vidi Vici
If that’s the case, then we can assume one of the two scenarios….

1. The trial data is negative, leading to what management believes will be further decay in the share price.

2. Management doesn’t know when to raise cash.

Raising cash at these levels is punishing to current shareholders.
Frank Thomas in Florida profile picture
Is it possible Mediwound is doing secondary b/c float is too little? And the larger float is needed to attract big pharma? Just can’t think of another reason to be doing a secondary.
Frank Thomas in Florida profile picture
On the issue of not receiving FDA approval for Israeli plant... can’t Mediwound move production to a US or Indian-based plant which already has FDA approval?
Plan Man profile picture
@Frank Thomas in Florida this is likely not a product that will need extra production facilities and buy a facility to get certified would take a long time and take additional money they do not have.
Frank Thomas in Florida profile picture
I really hope Mediwound doesn’t go thru w/ the secondary. Mediwound has been saying they have sufficient funds to bring its products to market. And they do. So why offer shares when share price so drepressed? Hope the offer doesn’t happen
matttrakker profile picture
@Frank Thomas in Florida the fda can’t visit their factory in Israel to approve. This has been in the cards for a year. I sold out waiting for this.
MikeFromNZ profile picture
@Frank Thomas in Florida Not only that but they just got $10.7M from BARDA:


@MikeFromNZ As well as a $1.7 million research project
Bring in management that can grow the company profitably.
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