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China likely to unveil lowest GDP target in more than three decades

China"s National People"s Congress <span class=(NYSE:NPC) - Second Plenary Meeting' data-id="1129186468" data-type="getty-image" width="1536px" height="1024px" srcset="https://static.seekingalpha.com/cdn/s3/uploads/getty_images/1129186468/image_1129186468.jpg?io=getty-c-w750, https://static.seekingalpha.com/cdn/s3/uploads/getty_images/1129186468/image_1129186468.jpg?io=getty-c-w1280 2x">

Andrea Verdelli/Getty Images News

China's National People's Congress will convene its annual parliamentary gathering on Saturday, setting economic and political priorities for 2022. Nearly 3,000 lawmakers will descend on

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Pompano Frog profile picture
Dear Reader..

The writer doesn't realize that a 5% GDP growth in an economy as large as China's is an enormous amount of growth and will create enormous demand for global inputs. That will make controlling inflation in the U.S. and Europe more difficult than their models show based on the historical record.

With China's savings and investment rate as a percent of GDP these targets are easily attainable.

(S&P 4310, Shanghai Composite 3447, FCA (China value ETF) 27.12, Div yield 4.62%)
THE BOTTOM LINE profile picture
@Pompano Frog At 5.5% GDP growth China is officially in recession. For the size of China the country needs GDP growth of 6% to maintain status quo
Pompano Frog profile picture

What? I don't think that is a quote from anyone with a degree in economics.
LOL. Don’t believe anything stated by the brutal military dictatorship of China. All the data is fictional
China and the world are running out of people educated and skilled for the modern world. Five percent growth is way higher than what will happen - in my opinion.
Ukraine project is done, Taiwan project is next.
THE BOTTOM LINE profile picture
@ddca48 Taiwan is easy. The 1.4 million Chinese just pee on Taiwan the island will be flooded
Ukraine is “done”? Not even close …I am sure the Chinese leaders are wondering why Russia is stumbling badly over a “routine” invasion. World has changed - tanks and planes are vulnerable to infantry weapons.
pmabloemendaal profile picture
@ddca48 Ukraine project is a fail, Taiwan project in for a rethink
And US will be negative growth?
Djreef1966 profile picture
The CCP needs to pull it’s head out of it’s ass and suspend the crackdowns, or they’re going to fall down a very deep economic rabbit hole from which returning from will be exceedingly difficult. Imagine having to admit to 1.4 billion people that you got it wrong.
scottiebumich profile picture
5% is bad? Given their relative lower rates of inflation I would argue it's phenomenal news. Our real GDP growth will likely be negative this year
Moats and Income profile picture
The Evergrande economy…
Any hope for Chinese tech for a recovery?
Chris Lau profile picture
@Silvio spicacci minervini yes, with the stroke of a pen they could double. CCP holds the cards.
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